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Travel Fiji Islands

Beautiful sun drenched beaches and traditional villages
Fiji - Kind & Generous Island Locals

Cultural immersion in a tropical paradise

Come and relax on the magnificent tropical beaches of Fiji with this amazing backpacking tour.  Combine rest and relaxation with a cultural tour of mountain villages and island life.

Nestled in the South Pacific, Fiji’s archipelago of Islands are flush with forests, waterfalls and incredibly friendly locals.  On this tour you’ll learn about drinking cava, weaving baskets, mending thatched roofs, cook a traditional lovo meal (feast cooked in the earth), spa in volcanic hot springs, walk the island markets and of course, you can expect to relax and enjoy the warm waters with a snorkel, dive, swim or paddleboard!

A lot of Fiji's secret spots can be found in the highlands away from the iconic palm tree beaches.

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