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Travel Japan

A journey through many ages of chaotic cities to tranquil mountain villages
Explore connections between past and present

日本 Japan - Cultural immersion for the adventurous backpacker

Explore the very best of cultural, historical and modern Japan on this deeply immersive backpacking tour. With a culture developed over the millennia, infused with complexity and contrast, this is an epic adventure of discovery into a world of temples and shrines, stunning cuisine and bustling cities and serene landscapes.

You can expect great adventures as your tour takes you from bustling futuristic and high-density cities to mountainous landscapes with live volcanoes and lush forestation. You’ll explore the intensely deep culture that permeates every aspect of Japanese life, from the kooky and cool to the customary & traditional.

Travelling in Japan is a life-changing experience saturated with new & unique learning encounters

Try on a traditional Japanese Kimono in the back-streets of Osaka

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