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Terms of sale

The terms of sale conditions here set out the contractual relationship between U. Group ApS (referred to as U. In this document and elsewhere) and you the customer. The agreement is entered into and implemented in accordance with the legislations of Denmark.

Offers & acceptance of offers

The actual agreement between the customer and U. is entered into once payment of at least a deposit for any travel services provided by U. Is made. The agreement is then binding on both parties. The sale of the travel products and services provided by U. constitutes the offer and the payment is the acceptance of the offer by the customer. Any offer provided by U. Is only valid until the date specified in the offer. U. is not bound by the offer if it is not accepted before the specified deadline.

Travel documents and details

Following the acceptance of the offer, U. sends all relevant travel documents to the customer. The customer is then obliged to review the submitted material upon receipt, and if the information does not match the prior agreed information, respond immediately to U. If any discrepancies are due to a change in the customer’s circumstances, the costs associated with this will be borne by the customer. If changes are not possible, the customer can not hold U. responsible.

Vouchers with open dates

A voucher is a travel document entitling the customer to a travel product or service. Each voucher has a deadline by which the customer must use exchange the voucher for the travel service. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to make sure they confirm their travel before the date they expire. Open dated vouchers can not be redeemed once the expiration date is reached.

Vouchers with fixed dates

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to redeem the voucher for the stated travel services on the date stated on the voucher. If the customer wishes to change the date or refund completely each voucher has a deadline up to which the customer is able to change this. Varying amounts of fees and levels of refund maybe applied to these changes against these vouchers. U. Is not responsible for any defaults or charges that may be applicable.


Unfortunately different travel services and different fare basis (the price paid by the customer) have different rules. Airline tickets and certain other travel services may not be changed after the conclusion of the agreement. If the customer is in doubt about the conditions for specific parts of the travel products purchased as part of a bundle please contact U. before entering into an agreement.

Fees and charges at the destinations

In some cases, local fees, entrance fees, National Park fees or local taxes will be charged at the destinations. U. can not include in these in the prices, as they must usually be given directly to the local party.

Deposit & Balance Payment

The option to pay a deposit of 20% is available on some travel products. The balance must be paid no later than 60 days before the travel date of the first product within a bundle of products of the customer. If the customer fails to pay the balance on or before the 60 day timeframe U. no longer has obligations to deliver any travel products that are part of that purchase bundle and any Agreement between the customer and U. may be deemed to be invalid.

Any defaults or charges that may be levied on the customer for failure to pay any outstanding balances within the deadline timeframe are solely the responsibility of the customer.

Cancellation and right of withdrawal

When purchasing package travel (travel involving airline tickets and on-ground travel), no right of withdrawal applies, in accordance of the Danish Consumer Contracts Act, section 18, subsection. 2, No. 12. In the case of cancellation for some travel products and services other than airline tickets and insurances the customer may be entitled to be refunded part of the amount paid. The levels of refunds available on each product are outlined to the customer in the offer provided by U.

Airline tickets, administrative fees, credit card card fees, and most insurances are usually non-refundable after the conclusion of the agreement, regardless of time. For certain types of travel and services, cancellation policies may vary. There will always be an administration fee of 3% of the total cost of the travel products purchased in a bundle in the event of cancellation by the customer. It is recommended that the customer buys a cancellation insurance that covers the costs that may arise in the event of cancellation as a result of an acute illness.

Changes made by U.

If U. is forced to cancel or vary any travel product either before departure or during the operation of the travel product the customer will be informed as soon as possible. If there are changes of a significant nature or the product is completely cancelled without it being due to the customer’s circumstances, the customer has rights as follows:

  • Obtain a refund or credit on the parts of the product or service not yet travelled.
  • Use any outstanding balances towards other U. travel products. The customer will pay the difference for any product of higher value and a refund will be issued in the event of a product of lesser value being chosen.

If a minimum number of participants is required for a travel product to operate and those minimum numbers are not reached it is a valid reason for cancellation entirely or changes to an itinerary of a U. travel product. It is strongly recommended that the customer purchases cancellation and travel insurance that covers the costs that may arise in the event of these cancellations. It is the customer’s own responsibility to take out relevant travel insurance and any cancellation insurance.

A change of itinerary or route, changes in included activities, changes in accommodation, changes in group size or the age-group make-up of a group, do not constitute material changes or changes of a significant nature such that any form of refund or compensation is payable by U.

Passports, Visas & Vaccinations

It is the customer’s responsibility to have the correct passport, visas, and vaccination certificates for their travel destinations.

Price increases

U. can change the price of any U. product up to 20 days prior to the date listed on the travel voucher, in accordance of the Danish Package Travel Act. The Act specifies when such a price increase is valid. Such circumstances usually include changes in fuel prices, aviation taxes and exchange rates.

Customer responsibility – summarised:

The customer’s responsibility before the trip include:

  • To review any provided travel documents for errors and any deficiencies (Including, for example, that names and other information match);
  • To provide contact information whereby U. can get in touch with the customer before and during the journey;
  • Inform about special physical care needs, such as mobility impairment, allergies, important medical conditions and other conditions the customer considers to be relevant.
  • Inform U. about any physical and mental disorders that may have an impact on the customer along the way or activities on the trip that are included.

Please be aware that while U. takes all care U. can not be held responsible for situations where local partners in offshore destinations are unable to provide for certain dietary requirements or other physical or mental impairments.

Flight tickets

Airline tickets must be used in the correct order. If the customer does not use the airline tickets in the correct order, the carrier will cancel the remaining flight routes. The customer can therefore not only use individual routes of a flight. For example, the customer can not only use the return ticket.

Activities in the program

In general, for all activities planned by U. that are included in the program, the local guides may deny the customer participation in an activity without giving reason if that guide deems the activity to be unsafe for that customer. The customer can not claim compensation for refusal of activities.

Rules of order

The customer must comply with the rules of order that apply to all local subcontractors of the U. travel products and services, such as, but not limited to, hotels, hostels, airports, activity providers, guides and transport operators.

The customer must behave in such a way that they do not embarrass their fellow travellers. In serious or repeated cases, inappropriate behaviour may result in the customer of U. and their companions being expelled from further participation in the trip. In such cases, the customer is responsible for his own repatriation and expenses as a result. In the event of expulsion, the customer is not entitled to receive any refund on the purchased products and services.

U. and the local sub-contractors of U. are not responsible for the exercise of public authority, including but not limited to police intervention / action against the customers in connection with the traveller’s inappropriate behaviour. In such situations, the customer is responsible for the expenses that the traveler may incur, just as the customer can not make a claim against U. or the local sub-contractor and will not be entitled to a refund of any sort on the package price.

If the customer does not comply with the requirements for passports, visas, health formalities, indication of the correct name on the travel documents, the rules on timely attendance and the rules of order, the customer can not make claims against either U. the intermediary or local subcontractor for the package travel for the consequences, deficiencies, nuisances or loss resulting from non-compliance with the customer’s general duties.

Customer & Privacy Policy

The use of the customers data is laid out in the U. Privacy Policy found on the website (https://thiswillbeu.com). U. does not resell personal information but does pass on the personal information of our customers to local sub-contractors for the purpose of delivering U. travel products and services. Please consider the U. Privacy Policy carefully.

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