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The U.Story

U. leads the way in adventure travel by creating small group travel that connects like minded travellers in unbelievable global adventures that have minimal impact on the communities and environment we travel within.

U. was started by our fearless founder Lasse as Trinus Rejser in 2019. Lasse was joined by Dan in 2021 and Trinus Rejser became U. The boys share a passion to create exceptional experiences that are alternatives to the obvious, but no less breathtaking in their cultural or scenic diversity. They wanted to make a difference – to create such amazing travel experiences that have you telling your children and your children’s children about how cool travelling was when you were young.

The best part about building these experiences is we travel to our destinations Рwe suss them out, we validate our local partners credentials, we ensure your money goes directly to the local community (this means supporting local projects, eating at local restaurants and using local accommodation), we check safety records, and we physically visit the activities and hotels and hostels you stay at.  We have even make loads of travel mistakes Рlost our luggage, missed our trains (Dan), drunk a little bit too much goon (Lasse), and slept on the beach (everyone). When one of your U.Crew recommends a destination or activity they know what they are talking about.

We adamantly believe that travelling creates better, more understanding, more respectful, more environmentally conscious, more knowledgeable and more caring human beings. Find out more about our anti-discrimination policy. Small group travel connects you with other U.Minded travellers while having positive interactions with the communities we get close to. U. was first Danish travel company to offer 100% carbon neutral. We offer you to offset your journey and helping the world from the minute you start your adventure. Read more about our carbon offsetting.

We challenge you to experience adventures of a lifetime in a culturally, socially and environmentally responsible manor!

U. is not a business – it is our life and our family and we want you to be part of it!

Lasse and Vanessa with a U.Group in Prague

U.Wall of fame(ly)

Below you can see our previous and current team members of the U.Crew.


Homeless guy from New Zealand that keeps turning up at the office.


Our Italian graphic design star. Give her Lambrusco and she will design anything you want.


Knows everything about travelling to New Zealand and Australia. Studies leisure management in Copenhagen. Pretends to not like beer.


Worked for many years as a stewardess and has her roots in the amazing Faroe Islands.


When he is not ski-racing Keir is on our trips taking photos and videos – lookout.


Guy that lives upstairs from the office.


Studied office administration and service management in Copenhagen. Self-claimed sudoku master of the office.


Comes from Jabalpur in India and works wonders making and improving our U.Site. You rock our world Mukul!


Just awesome at everything! Studied tourism in Copenhagen. Wants to ride her bike round the world.


Our lady with the biggest heart! Studies leisure management in Copenhagen.


Loves branding. Studied leisure management. Gets everything sorted in the office.


Lives in Stockholm and has a real flash office with nice coffee when you visit.


Italian beauty queen and student of tourism in Conegliano. Watch out world!


Last seen in Prague heading back home to Germany. Maybe you will find her on the road?


Coming all the way from Morocco via Murcia in Spain. Soukayna studies International Trade.


You will never meet a nicer guy than Sean – looks like a tough guy but is softer than a sponge.


If it has speed it has Elisa written all over it. Skiing, motocross-loving girl who studied tourism in Conegliano and economics in Milano.


An absolute words-smith that will make you want to travel the world.


Can you believe she is still at school?!?! Our most awesome Celina studies in Copenhagen.


Brings super hip style from Poland to the U.Team. Studies multimedia in Copenhagen.


Our website and TikTok master! Wants to travel the world and explore the local cuisine – as long as it isn’t spicier than a happy meal!


The funny bloke that always has a party game on hand.


Boogies in the office and dances around the world. Studies service economy at UCL. Going to sail around the world next.


If a hardworking super-mom was a person, it would be Rusul. Studied industrial design and tourism management. Comes all the way from Iraq.


Travel consultant, with a knack for adrenaline! Competing with Magnus Cort for coolest moustache.


Loves travelling to allocentric places. Plant mom of the office.


SoMe queen, probably knows the IG algorithm better than they do. Studies Leisure Management in Copenhagen.


Comes from Nepal to Denmark and studies multimedia design in Copenhagen. Watched over 72 days of Anime already.


Juventus wanted him to sign but he chose to come to U. instead. Studies tourism in Bologna, Italy.


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It is not about us. It's about U.

This is your trip, your adventure and your journey. Our passion is to create memorable travel experiences worthy of sharing.

First 100% climate-neutral travel company!

We took the step well ahead of all other travel companies. U. offers a 100% climate-neutral travel on all our adventurers. #U.givingashit

You 'do' more!

We create exceptional local experiences that you could never do on your own and other companies don’t have the local knowledge and access to mimic.

Travel with like-minded people.

We are unapologetic about our beliefs that travel is special and that through travel you grow and learn as an individual.

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