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Travel Thailand

Fantastic food, beautiful beaches and world's most wonderful people.
Thailand - A nation of a thousand smiles

The perfect adventure tour to travel Thailand on a budget

Once visited most travellers can’t return fast enough to Thailand. Sure it has incredible beaches, sumptuous food, breath-taking scenery, but it is the wonderful Thai people that top of the experience of a gap year adventure or backpacking in Thailand.

From remote mountainous tribal villages around Chang Mai to those welcoming you to the tourist beaches around Phi Phi Island, Phuket and Koh Phangan it is the never-ending smile of the locals that sets Thailand apart from almost any other destination.

Of course, the scenery is incredible – that is why so many movies are made here – visit James Bond Island and Leonardo di Caprio’s Beach to name a few. And the food is, well, Thai food – and everyone loves that. But Thailand has to also be one of the few destinations where travelling on a budget truly is that. Thailand is amazing value for money!

Yes, it is one of our favourite destinations, anywhere!

Spending time in an Elephant Sanctuary is a highlight of everyones on our U.Thailand tours.

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