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U.Convictions and Commitments



U. and you can make this world happen by becoming the best possible versions of ourselves we can. Go all around the world, party, learn, experience, grow, and change, then come home and share. We call it the U.Loop where one person creates small U.Ripples by bettering themselves. We believe it is our job at U. to give you the tools, through travel, to achieve this personal growth on your own journeys in your own ways.

Our belief system

We believe that being a sustainable travel company we will affect the world for the better.

We believe that you will return feeling more like yourself and part of a community than you have ever felt.

We believe that your view on life, on the world and on the challenges we are facing will have changed and that the sense of helplessness will have been replaced with a feeling of optimism and drive.

We believe that you will want to discover new places and new faces for yourself and we promise we will be there to help you every time you are ready to go exploring.

We believe that travel changes you and makes you want to try all the best travel experiences.

We believe that you will make a sustainable change to make this world a better place every day.

We will bring humans together, create friendships and encourage cultural respect. We will help you break down the walls you have built around you in a joint travel community and promote a safe space for that magical vulnerability it takes to be the real U.

You will laugh till you nearly wet yourself, smile till your face feels like splitting, and yahoo till your voice goes croak.

Our commitments

We will make our beliefs happen this through creating the best travel experiences we can dream of.

We will bring people together in small groups to explore new beautiful destinations.

We will create a community of inclusivity, travel memories, laughs and great times.

We will facilitate an easy path to explore new parts of the world in a safe, fun and sustainable way.

We will provide an all-in-one service with everything you need for your incredible adventures including guidance, flights, tours, insurance, carbon-offsetting and much more.

We will take people from all over the world to the most beautiful places on our planet, where they will make new friends for life and laugh like they have never laughed before.

As U.Travellers you will yourself educate others through U.Ripples of sharing memories and experiences and will collectively make waves of change.

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