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Experiences to empower you to create the best version of you.

Travel, Challenge, Chat and Change - with U.

U. was inspired by a lifetime of roaming our plant and experiencing the changing face of travel and tourism over the years. Our core beliefs reflect these journeys and are unapologetically simple and direct – we truly believe that “Travel Creates Better Human Beings”.

That is – by experiencing and connecting with other cultures we become better, more life educated, more understanding, more respectful and more tolerant human beings.

By combining you, the traveller, with exceptional handcrafted U.Tours and U.Trips, anchored in a strong ethos of responsible tourism which challenges the mainstream tourist ideology, it is our sincere hope that you will adventure, learn, experience, grow and change, then come home and share those experiences to create a better society – we call the little waves you make in your own community, school, work or friends U.Ripples. Hopefully you will take action on any one of the many social, political, environmental or mental health issues you might experienced while travelling.

Work and live in an elephant sanctuary in Northern Thailand

U.Givingashit - amazing adventures


Every part of every moment of your U.Journey reflects these beliefs. We strive to make the world a better place by inspiring our travellers to journey on more meaningful and responsible travel products. At our very core we believe we have an obligation and the opportunity to make positive ripples in the communities in which we travel, connecting cultures and providing opportunities for minds to meet, friends to make, and barriers to break.

And we believe travel should be fun, experiential and life changing. Think of it like adding jobs to a resume – travel teaches you life skills which layer upon layer create better human beings.

We are happy to engage in the uncomfortable conversations around travel, challenging the traditional while empowering you to engage in ‘future shaping trips’ focused on creating a better world by first creating meaningful travel experiences and then fostering personal growth and cross boarder tolerance through travel.

Learn to dive and work on a reef conservation project

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