Types of gap year and backpacking travel

Travel the world and make meaningful experiences with new friends on a group trip or find yourself while solo travelling. Be a better version of yourself by volunteering or maybe you want to earn money while travelling.

No matter what, we have something for you!

Do you have a burning desire to see the world and grow as a person, either with a bunch of friends or by meeting new people? Then join one of our amazing group travels!
Wanna travel the world on your own? Let U. help you plan your adventure, so you only have to pack your bags and hop on a plane.
Make a difference in the world by volunteering for one of our programmes – Rescue turtles, help elephants or save the coral reef.

Do you want to work during your gap year so you can save money for travelling? Why not do both with a working holiday adventure?

Are you seeking to get extra experiences out of the ordinary? Here you can find a bunch of different experiences you can add to your trip!