Farm Work experience

Try the life as a jackaroo or jillaroo at a farm

Perhaps you will end up staying for a life time

Sure there is hundreds of jobs in the big cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide etc. But if you are going on a working holiday to the other side of the world why not do something radically different – why not learn to work in rural Australia on a farm or station?

Maybe you might end up working with horses, mustering cattle on a motor-bike, doing farm chores on a quad, sleeping under the stars in a swag. This literally is the ultimate way to get your hands dirty with some hard labour and an awesome experience.

In the sunshine capital of Brisbane, our local partners will help you get your bank account, tax number, medicare and superannuation all set up. Then with that admin out the way there is time to let your hair down with others also on the same program on a weekend in Brisbane. Start with a get together party midday Thursday then some kayaking and abseiling on Friday evening (included) to get you in to the mood for a free weekend exploring Brisbane.

You then spend 5-days on a working farm, training up and getting assessed of any skills you might already have (riding horses, motorbike licenses, heavy machinery). You will learn about animals, tractors, quad-bikes, navigation, 4WD driving, vehicle maintenance, safety on a farm and of course smoko. Plus, you get 3 amazing farmhouse cooked meals each day!

At the end of the 5-days you will be guaranteed 1-3 job offers which you can choose from. These job offers can be anywhere in Australia and you will get help locating. There is the option to have 3 more nights in Brisbane before your farm adventure starts or for many of our participants they are itching to get in to rural life.

This is a truly amazing adventure for anyone not scared of a little hard work and wanting to get close and personal with real Aussie culture. Our local partners are wonderfully caring people. They ensure the jobs you get are genuine with all of them providing the award wage and super and work cover – you can literally save as much as $10,000 every 3 months. That is GBP5,800!!!


U.Special Deal

Buy your Australian rural work adventure with a U. 22-day Australia East Coast Trip for just £4,025. That is a saving of £595. You can choose to travel first before you start work or keep the date open and travel anytime at all. Maybe work for three months, then do you travel, and work some more. The flexibility is yours, as are the huge savings.

At a glance

From: £1,635

Work incusions
  • Work experience and Rural Job program
  • Set up tax number, super fund, medicare, and bank account
  • 4 nights at the training farm
  • Farm training or assessment
  • Horse work, cattle work, quad work, motorbike work, tractor work, vehicle and machinery work
  • Navigation and 4WD driving
  • Vehicle maintenance and safety on the farm
  • Choice of suitable job, 1-3 jobs guaranteed
  • Help with travel arrangements to job
  • 4 nights in bunk room with ensuite
  • Midday Get Together party
  • Canoeing and abseiling at Riverlife
  • Weekend in the city at leisure
  • 4 nights at the farm
  • 5 days of farmhouse food, 3 meals and smoko

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Your expected footprint: 0.25 tons of CO2

(not including flights). Find out more about our commitment to net-zero travel and how you can lower your footprint.

Accommodation: 126kgs Approx. 9 nights at 14kgs per night Transport: 60kgs Approx. 300km at 20kgs per 100km Optional activities: 30kgs Approx. average (2 activities) Food & drinks : 7kgs Approx. 700g per day

Your local investment: $2,700

The average expected amount our U.Traveller’s spend that goes directly into the local economy.

Find out more about our love for supporting local businesses

Would you like one of our U.Team to give you a call?

Let us know when and we will make it happen.

We can help you!

Would you like one of our U.Team to give you a call?

Let us know when and we will make it happen.

We can help you!

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