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A treasure chest of exciting cities, local villages, diverse cultures & gastronomic delights

Euro adventure, anyone? Picture yourself riding the rails through Europe, indulging in a Pizza and Pinot Italian giro 🍕🍷, chasing the sun from Amsterdam through France to the Mediterranean, or embarking on a Cheese and Alps journey from Milan through Switzerland 🧀🏔️. Then there’s Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria 🇦🇹, and the Northern Stomp from Salzburg to Amsterdam via a whirlwind of awesome Eastern European stops. It’s travel that’s as chill as an ice cream on a sunny day. 🌞 Train travel‘s not just eco-friendly, it’s like a spa day for your eyes with stunning views and charming villages that’ll make you feel like you’re in a movie scene! But hey, don’t get too lost in the scenery—there are markets to raid, buildings to marvel at, and Insta-worthy moments to capture as hop on and off trains throughout the day. 📸

Fancy something different? How about a trip to Spain filled with Sherry tasting, tapas indulgence, flamenco moves, and beachside relaxation? From Barcelona and Madrid’s artistic vibes to the south’s hilltop fortresses and Moroccan-inspired architecture, it’s a mix of sultry cities and stunning landscapes. Combine North and South Spain for an unforgettable three-week adventure—hike the Santiago Pilgrims trail, dance the flamenco, catch sunsets, and shop till you drop in Madrid. Wrap it all up with Sangria and Tapas on Barcelona’s vibrant streets. 🍷🍤

And for the sea lovers out there, imagine cruising down the Dalmatian coast, island-hopping and basking in crystal-clear waters. It’s the U. Croatia trip that combines local connections, delicious food, national parks, and impact experiences that give back to the community. It’s a journey that’ll have you swimming in secluded bays and exploring ancient Adriatic villages—paradise found! 🏝️🚤

U. Adventures in Europe

Start in Amsterdam, visit Bruges, Paris, Lyon, Avignon, Nice and Milan on this epic European train adventure.


Expect pasta and pizza showdowns, sipping chianti in the Tuscan hills, Roman architecture and stunning Lugarian coastlines. Get lost in Venice and walk the bridges of Verona!


An Alpine adventure, from Milan’s pasta paradise to Switzerland’s majestic peaks, Zurich’s hip culture, Bavaria’s beer halls, and Austria’s historic charm—all wrapped in a whirlwind of cheese, breathtaking vistas, and adrenaline-fuelled escapades!


From Mozart to street art, medieval charm to modern beats, indulge in a symphony of experiences, historical wonders, culinary feasts, and electric nightlife on this whirlwind adventure through seven Northern European cities.


Hopping trains from medieval Amsterdam to Parisian allure, Italian flavours, Swiss Alpine wonders, and a cultural symphony across Bavaria, Austria, and Poland, ending with Berlin’s vibrant art scene and Amsterdam’s eclectic charm—a six-week train adventure across Europe’s best!


Feast on French delicacies, indulge in Italian flavours, conquer Swiss Alps, and revel in Bavarian charm, all in one epic 4-week European train adventure!


A train-hopping journey from medieval wonders to sun-soaked splendors, sampling local flavors and cultural delights along the way.


Traverse through the Swiss Alps, adventures in Interlaken, Zurich’s culture, off the beaten track in Vaduz, Bavaria and Austria’s charm, then journey north for a cultural feast through Vienna, Prague, Krakow’s emotional impact, and Warsaw’s delights. Finally, rock through Berlin’s nightlife before Amsterdam’s charm.


Explore the gastronomical delights, vibrant cities, stunning beaches and natural parks of Northern Spain – from the Basque Country to Barcelona and Madrid!

Fortresses and beach bars, flamenco and sherry tasting, hilltop cities and ancient architecture – Southern Spain in 8 action-packed days

A journey through Croatia’s historic cities on a private cruise along the beautiful Adriatic Coast and a visit to the Plitvice National Park.


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