12 day Bali – Indonesia Tour

A Bali adventure tour

that if it was any more laid back it would be lying down

Everyone dreams of paradise and now you have the chance to experience it! Come with us to Bali where we will visit the Gili Islands, also referred to as the Paradise Islands. Along the way you will learn how to surf and you will also have the opportunity to explore life under the water as we go on a boat tour around the Gili Islands. We will visit many ancient temples, including the Monkey Forest. During the trip we will also visit many beaches with crystal clear water and chalky white sand.

We will also climb a volcano, after which we will enjoy breakfast at the top while the first rays of the sun hit us.

Even if you spend 12 days in paradise, we guarantee you will have many experiences.

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Your adventure starts in the relaxed town of Canggu, the surfing soul of Bali. Rent a board or learn to surf, sit on the beach or just enjoy the refreshing waters with a swim and a snorkel. This is life Bali style! For a truly unique and meaningful experience we urge you to take a day trip to Kuta and visit, or even participate in, the Bali Sea Turtle Society who serve to protect the sea turtles from poachers. Should you be in Bali during the egg hatching period you’ll have the unique opportunity to assist in encouraging the baby turtles safely towards the ocean for their own adventures!

  • Sunset on the popular Echo beach
  • Excursion to authentic temples
  • Surf lessons with a local surf instructor
  • Explore the townships, cafes and bars after dark!
  • Shop the markets and along the streets
Nusa Penida

Embarking on an exploration of Nusa Penida, an alluring island off the southeast coast of Bali celebrated for its exquisite beaches. Prepare for a day of beach hopping, where the beauty of each pristine shoreline unfolds before you, inviting mental snapshots of these captivating scenes. Our Nusa Penida adventure extends to an exciting snorkeling escapade, where the possibility of encountering graceful manta rays and playful dolphins adds an extra layer of enchantment to our exploration of this tropical paradise.

  • Beach hopping to Kelingking Beach, Crystal Bay, Thousand Island Viewpoint and Diamond Beach
  • Snorkel at Manta Bay, perhaps you might encounter manta rays!
  • Watch the stunning sunset
Gili Islands

A quick boat trip takes us out to the chalk-white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of Gili Islands. Gili Trawangan, the largest of the 3 Gili Islands and our base for a few nights, offers everything your ‘beach paradise’ heart could wish for. On the island you will find amazing snorkelling spots, lively night markets, fabulously fun beach swings and a rich nightlife.

  • Go snorkelling and swim with sea turtles
  • Explore Gili Trawangan by bike
  • Swing a ride on one of the island’s famous swings
  • Row out on the water on a paddleboard

From island paradise to historic temples, our last destination on the journey is the magical cultural district of Ubud. We walk through the infamous Monkey Forest, in which we’ll visit ancient temples over run by Balinese Long-Tailed Macaque monkeys. Art markets and sunrises over the active volcano Gunung Batu (Mount Batur) complete this amazing journey.

  • Explore the ancient temples in the heart of central Ubud
  • Take a walk in the Monkey forest and experience free-ranging monkeys
  • Experience the magical Ubud and take a walk through the Ubud market

You will meet your guide late afternoon for a sunset rooftop drink at your hostel and get to know your other travelling mates and ask all those burning questions you have. We will then all head for a welcome dinner at a nearby restaurant. Canggu is such a hip and happening part of Bali. Amazing cheap restaurants and super cool bars are all within walking distance of the beach.

Meals: Dinner

Day 1 – Arrive in Canggu, Bali

Assuming you didn’t have one too many of the amazing cocktails last night we start our true Balinese adventure today with a surf lesson with expert local instructors. Our amazing local instructors will find us the perfect break to get you up and riding the legendary waves in no time.

This afternoon you are free to hire a surf board and keep mastering the hangten, or we recommend exploring many of the ancient temples in the area, joining a local yoga class that the area is so famous for, or just hanging by the beach and getting you tan on.

As the sun goes down, we will change the theme to the party, so remember to pack your dance moves with you as some of us head out to visit one of the famous beach clubs.

NOTE: in some circumstances the order of the day may change due to weather or tidal restrictions.

Included Activities: half-day surf adventure
Optional Extras: Massage, yoga
Meals: Breakfast

Day 2 – Canggu, Surfs up!

After dancing the night away, this morning, we take a short drive to Sanur where we will join a ferry to the island Nusa Penida. We arrive in time to book into our epic boutique hotel before heading off to explore the island.

You will head to Diamond Beach and the epic vista at Thousand Island View Point (did you know there are over 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago). Grab a traditional lunch while you soak in the view (not included) before we head to the most Instagrammable Kelingking and Broken Beaches. And if your battery is not flat on your camera and you are not sunabused enough get ready for an amazing Balinese sunset at Crystal beach. Maybe it is the perfect time for a little cocktail?

Included Activities: Day tour of Nusa Penida
Meals: Breakfast

Day 3 - Nusa Penida and an incredible sunset at Crystal Bay

For many of our travellers this is the highlight day of their trip – a truly once-ina-lifetime experience. This morning you will board a private boat early to take you around the spectacular Nusa Penida coastline and it’s wonderful tiny bays to one of the most famous – Manta Bay.

Manta Bay is home to one of the largest populations of manta rays anywhere in the world! Be prepared to be over-awed as you snorkel amongst these magnificent rays as they glide effortlessly in the crystal clear waters. Their giant wingspans make them wider than they are long giving this incredible flying motion.

Tonight the plan is to find a cheap restaurant the suits everyone to eat as a group.

Included Activities: Full day trip around Nusa Penida and snorkelling with manta rays.
Meals: Breakfast

Day 4 - Snorkelling with Manta Rays

This morning it is back on a local ferry for our next island stop of the famous Gili Trawangan! Famed for its snorkelling, abundance of sea turtles and of course amazing nightlife. We arrive in time for lunch at a local cafe before getting very serious and hating the pool at our hotel beach club overlooking the ocean. Relax, putting on some tunes, faze out (or in if you need to do the social media and email thing), then this evening we will head out exploring.

With no cars allowed on the island, there is only one way to get around – by bike! This evening your guide will take you our for a sunset bike tour, and not wanting to spoil the surprise, an amazing sunset view at a secluded area of the island that we know of not to far from the hotel.

Included activities: Sunset Bike Tour
Meals: Breakfast

Day 5 - Gili Trawangan and exploring the island with a sunset bike tour

Gili Trawangan, or Gili T to the cool kids, are some of the most beautiful islands in the world and the best way to explore it is by boat. Today we head out island hopping on our own private boat.

The highlight of today’s snorkelling and exploring has to be the Gili Meno statues. Known as the Nest these 48 life-sized underwater sculptures by British sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor, are cast from real people and symbolise life and continuity. They have been often described as hauntingly beautiful. The islands are teaming with sea turtles and tropical fish amongst the coral reefs.

This afternoon is an awesome U. Impact! Experience – the opportunity to give back to the community that is so welcoming to us. Time allowing we will get involved in a local beach cleanup.

Head out with the group this evening to explore some of the cool restaurants and mega hip reggae bars that have made Gili T so well know.

Activities: Island Hopping Tour
Optional Extras: Gili Eco Recycling Tour
Meals: Breakfast

Day 6 - An island hopping boat trip and snorkelling the Meno underwater statues.

It is super hard leaving the beauty of Gili T this morning and heading back to Bali Island. But, we lessen the blow as you make your way into the central foothills of the island and into the magical town of Ubud.

This afternoon you are free to explore on your own and we recommend trying one of the world-class yoga sessions that the area is famous for.

Alternatively you might want to visit the Monkey Forest.

Why we don’t support the Monkey Forest:
Ill considered human encroachment on the animal kingdom can be devastating and the Monkey Forest is case-in-point. Because of tourists continually feeding the monkeys (despite being asked not to) the animals have become almost trained and often extremely aggressive towards humans. There are many incidents of visitors being bitten or cameras and bags being stollen. As tourists we have ruined it for ourselves by not following the rules and over-stepping our welcome in their domain.

Activities: Monkey Forest Tour
Optional Extras: Massageu
Meals: Breakfast

Day 7 - The cultural centre of Ubud

Ubud is the cultural capital with those amazing insta-worthy photos of incredible terraced rice fields set among the tropical forest. Today you will explore the very best that Ubud has to offer!

You will start by heading to the Tirta Empul Water Temple, a sacred temple to the Balinese Hindu community. Dedicated to Vishnu, the Hindu God of water, Tirta Empul loosely translates water gushing from the earth. The Tirta Empul Temple includes shrines to Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, as well as one for Indra and Mount Batur. You will have the opportunity to enter the water and make an offering if you want.

Next you’ll check out the ultimate Instagram spot – Tegallalang Rice Terraces. Some of the area is listing as a UNESCO World Heritage area with its incredible bright shared of green from the Subak irrigation system. Of course, there are the optional swings to get yourself the huge Instagram photo or the hike hike down into the valley to see the terraces up close is definitely worth it.

After exploring the area for the afternoon you will meet up with your guide and rest of the group gain to walk the short Tjampuhan Ridgewalk. The walk is full of beautiful views of the palm trees and rice terraces away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Ubud – although sure close to town itself. It is the perfect end to an awesome day!

Included Activities: Entrance fees for Tegallalang rice terraces and
Tjampuhan Ridgewalk, Tirta Empul Water Temple
Meals: Breakfast

Day 8 - Tirta Empul Water Temple, rice terraces, and unique sunset hike on Tjampuhan Ridgewalk

Ok, we don’t deny it hurts when the alarm goes mega early so we can do a short hike up Mount Batur in time for sunrise. Yet, the early start, is made so much more than worth it with this really emotive experience. It is a bit of a surreal experience hiking up in the dark not knowing what is around you. Sit back and enjoy a cup of local coffee as the sun comes up over the horizon – it kind of feels like you are on the planet Mars.

After watching the sunrise we will continue our short hike over to the crater for 360- degree views of Batur Lake and surrounding landscapes and villages.

We get back down off the volcano mid morning where a big breakfast is waiting for us.

This afternoon you have time to explore more of Ubud, perhaps get a massage, join one of the renowned yoga classes or try sound healing.

Included Activities: Mt Butur hike
Optional Extras: Massage, Yoga
Meals: Breakfast

Day 9 - Sunrise Hike of Mount Butur

This morning you will be heading to the northern part of the Bali island for a change of pace at the sleepy village of Pemuteran. On the way you will stop at the spectacular and hidden Banyumala waterfalls. We think these are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali and an amazing place for a fresh water swim. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the twin waterfalls flow directly into a massive plunge pool.

After more than enough time to swim you will keep heading north stopping an extremely local coffee plantation. Here you will meet a local family who will share with us their amazing story of how they have been making coffee the same way for almost 100 years!

Awe arrive in the afternoon with plenty of time to explore Pemuteran. We recommend trying one of the local restaurants tonight where not surprisingly, being a fishing village, the seafood is amazing. The local fresh fruit is also pretty special.

Included Activities: Entrance fees to Banyumala waterfalls, U. Impact!
Experience – local family visit and coffee plantation
Meals: Breakfast

Day 10 - Swim in the Banyumala waterfalls and learn to make coffee like a local on your way to Pemuteran

Today is the penultimate day of your incredible Bali experience and one of our favourites. Get ready for a big day of exploring of the beaten track on Menjangan island and its surrounding reefs. In Bahasa, Menjangan means ‘deer’ so don’t be surprised when some furry friends come and have lunch with you!

The surrounding reefs are some of the best in Indonesia and home to an incredible array of coloured fish, sea turtles and who knows maybe even passing manta rays or dolphins. Your U.Guide will be able to you identify some of the amazing species that are unique to the area’s coral reef.

Here we also have a unique U. Impact! Experience where we visit the amazing Bio-Rock Project – the world’s largest coral nursery. Since 2000 over 60 structures have been replanted with the goal to restore the damaged reefs from blast fishing and cyanide poisoning. What sets the Bio-Rock project apart is the use of Electrolytic Mineral Accretion Technology. You will learn first-hand about how low voltage current from solar panels causes dissolved minerals to crystallise and form structures similar to limestone where coral larvae can more easily settle and grow.

Back on land we continue giving back to the incredible country and people which have made our Balinese experience so amazing with a sunset beach clean-up before enjoying a U. exclusive happy hour by the pool. It is a super rewarding way to end what has been a really amazing trip.

Included Activities: Menjangen Island snorkelling, BioRock project visit
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Day 11 - Menjangan Island & BioRock Project

Unfortunately it time to say goodbye to your new travel buddies and head toward your onward journeys! You will be travelling back to Canggu this morning arriving around 1pm in time for connecting evening flights or many of you might choose to stay on and explore the areas around Seminyak or Uluwatu.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 12 – Time to Say Goodbye

We can help you!

This itinerary is a guide only. Given the spontaneous nature of our trips, our lack of control over the weather,
and many other factors that can effect a group, where we go and what we do each day may vary.

What time do we arrive back in Canggu on the last day?

The bus will arrive in Canggu at approximately 13:00 (1pm), since there can be traffic between Canggu and the airport, we recommend booking a flight no earlier than 6pm if you plan to fly out that evening. Otherwise, your U. Crew can assist you to book a flight the next day and some accommodation in the region for this night.

How hard is the climb up Mt Batur?

The hike itself takes around 90 minutes depending on your fitness. It is achievable for everyone with lots of scenic rest spots on the way up!

Do I need proper hiking gear for Batur?

All you need is a pair of training and lots of layers as it can get a bit cool up there. You do not need proper hiking gear. You will be warm hiking up but once you get it can be quite cold before the sunrises.

Where do we spend the first night of the tour?

Frii Hotel Echo Beach, Canggu

Can you cater for my dietary requirements on this trip?

Yes, we can cater for most dietary requirements but please talk to your U. Crew before you travel so we have penalty of time to try and prepare.

I’ve never surfed before, will this be an issue in Canggu

No problem at all, the lesson at Canggu is led by professionals and is perfect for beginners as well as experienced surfers.

Where should I fly into?

Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar (DPS).

Do I need to bring temple wear?

Yes absolutely. Modesty in the temples is something that is really important in Asia and we will be visiting Tirta Empul amongst other templates. We recommend at least a sarong to cover shoulders and chest and for boys no singlets.

Are transfers from the airport included in this trip?

Yes, airport transfers are included if you are arriving the 1st day of the trip or if you have pre-arranged and booked pre-night accommodation directly with the U. Team.

How much spending money should I budget for while travelling?

Spending varies from person to person but we recommend around ›20-30 a day is usually more than enough. There are ATM machines along the way where you can withdraw money – this is the cheapest way to travel.

Always included: 

  • Covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund in Denmark
  • 100% climate-neutral travel
  • Professional travel experts and local guides
  • We do all the planning for you
  • Personalized meetings before departure
  • 24/7 emergency telephone
  • Your own personal travel profile with program, add-ons, flight tickets etc.
  • Packing list and advice
  • Certification of participation
  • Advice and assistance with booking flights
  • Possibility of purchasing cancellation and travel insurance
  • All entrances and fees for experiences
  • All tour accommodation



  • Mini bus
  • Fast boat



  • Experience the pure beauty of Balinese sunsets over enchanting beaches.
  • Explore ancient temples and explore Bali’s history and culture.
  • Learn to surf on one of Bali’s most popular surfing beaches – Echo Beach.
  • Visit with a local Balinese family, learn to cook traditional cuisine and get to wander the rice terraces and learn the farming philosophies which form the backbone of the nation.
  • Walk through Bali’s stunning scenery and be enchanted by incredible waterfalls.
  • Dolphin watch from our private charter boat as the sun rises
  • Explore the 3 Gili Islands by boat, snorkel and paddle board.
  • Take to two wheels and discover the beauty of Gili Trawangan.
  • Fun and adventure in Hot pools, thermal springs and rock swings
  • Take a walk through the Monkey Forest for a unique natural experience
  • Experience the magical streets and markets of Ubud
  • Sunsets over volcanic mountains
  • Relax and enjoy a traditional Balinese massage

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Your expected footprint on this trip: 0.56 tons of CO2

(not including flights). Find out more about our commitment to net-zero travel and how you can lower your footprint.

Accommodation: 407kgs Approx. 11 nights at 37kgs per night Transport: 63kgs Approx. 25km at 25kgs per 100km Optional activities: 30kgs Approx. average (2 activities) Food & drinks: 8kgs Approx. 700g per day Boats: 4kgs Approx. 201km at 19g per km

Your local investment on this trip: IDR17,800,800

The average expected amount our U.Traveller’s spend that goes directly into the local economy.

Find out more about our love for supporting local businesses

Why Choose a U. Trip

  • The only tour company carbon calculating and offsetting every part of your U.Trip, as part of your cost! From the flights, to all carbon costs associated with your accommodation, activities, meals and transport.  This means you are choosing to travel responsibly with a company dedicated to putting People + Planet first!  U. have simplified the decision making so you can focus on just choosing the best trip for your adventures!
  • More inclusions, head to head, than other trips meaning you get more value for your spend, you see more and you experience more!
  • Invest in yourself and your future with a U.Trip that seamlessly combines the fun, excitement and adventure of gap year and backpacker travel with Impact Experiences that add value to your ‘self’ and your CV.
  • U. creates the opportunity for you to challenge your own understanding of the world with first hand experiences of local communities and the challenges facing them.
  • A team with over 100 years collective travel experience

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Would you like one of our U.Team to give you a call?

Let us know when and we will make it happen.

We can help you!

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