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Australia in your gap year Going to Australia for your gap year and working abroad is extremely popular with backpackers from many countries including the UK, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, […]

Heading to Australia on your gap year or backpacking trip? Here are 10 of our favorite cities not to be missed on your Australia travel Australia has long been the […]

Exploring The Wildlife of The Serengeti National Park About the Serengeti National Park Serengeti National Park, in northern Tanzania, is known for The Great Wildebeest Migration – one of the […]

At U. we pride ourselves on creating and delivering life-altering adventure tours that focus on ‘Responsible Travel’ For a once in a lifetime experience we highly recommend joining us on […]

Sydney – The capital that isn’t a capital What’s not to like about Sydney? It’s got bright lights, big iconic architecture, it’s a modern exciting city, and is blessed with […]

All adventure travel in Asia and Indonesia should include the unique experience of drinking Kopi Luwak Hold onto your seats, because U. backpacking and adventure travel experts are about to […]

It’s hard to imagine a Thailand without elephants – they are as much of the tourism DNA of Thailand as are the beautiful collections of archipelago islands with their golden […]

What happened during the Vietnam war? After the French colonial administration were outed in 1954, North Vietnam wished to merge the north and the south and create a single Soviet […]

Tokyo is not just one, but many smaller vibrant and distinctly different ‘cities’ cleverly rolled into one vibrant historical city, each offering a different but unique Japanese experience to the […]