10-Days Cheese & Alps

Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, and Austria

Embark on an Alpine odyssey starting from Milan 🇮🇹, where pasta, pizza, and stunning views set the scene. A breathtaking train ride leads you through the Swiss Alps, unveiling Matterhorn’s majesty, Grindelwald’s charm, and Lauterbrunnen’s wonders. Get ready for more cheese than you can imagine—melted, smelly, fondue, raclette —you name it! Interlaken awaits with heart-pounding adventures: skydiving, paragliding, or a trip to Europe’s highest railway station. And of course, there’s Swiss chocolate to sweeten the deal! 🍫🏔️✨

Next, dive into Zurich’s vibrant culture, explore Lucerne’s medieval magic, and uncover Vaduz’s hidden charms in Liechtenstein. Old Towns, historic bridges, and delightful chocolate hunts await, topped with a nightlife scene that’s pure Zurich hipness and a touch of yodelling fun! ☕🏰🌈

Continue your journey through Bavaria, Germany, and Austria. Munich greets you with sizzling bratwursts and beer galore. Venture along the Romantic Bavarian Road, discovering castles and picturesque villages. Then, in Salzburg, experience a cultural immersion surrounded by Baroque beauty and a charming Mozart serenade. 🍻🎶🏰

Alps, cheese, adrenaline, and medieval charm—it’s a legendary train trip waiting for you! 🎉🏞️🧀

At a glance

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The Swiss Alps - Zermatt and Interlaken

Day one of your Alps escapade kicks off in Milan, the city of pasta, pizza and fashion forward people. 🍕📸😎🍷

From “Buongiorno” to “Guten Tag,” the amazing train rides through the Alps will make your head spin (in a good way). Prepare for breathtaking alpine landscapes – the Matterhorn, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, the Jungfrau and Monch! And cheese, melted cheese, smelly cheese, fondue cheese, and the burning question – do you eat around the holes in the cheese, or what??! 🧀🇨🇭 🇮🇹🏔️

Get adventuring in Interlaken, with optional sky-diving, paragliding, white water-rafting or journey to Europe’s highest railway station. And all of this sweetened by the Swiss’s love of chocolate!🍫 🚠🏔️🥾 🏞️🏠

Hip cool and off the beaten track - Zurich and Liechtenstein

We pack those backpacks for a Swiss afternoon tea party in Zurich, make a pit stop in Lucerne, and get off the beaten track in Vaduz, Lichtenstein! There’s more culture, shopping, and history than you can shake a fondue fork at! 🇨🇭☕️ 🦁🏞️ 🏰✨

There’s rainbow-painted Old Towns, walled cities, a bridge that’s been Insta-famous since the Middle Ages, a chocolate treasure hunt, unbelievable Alpine charm squeezed into a postage stamp sized country, and a mega-hip Zurich nightlife that has become the toast of Europe! Oh, and don’t forget the yodelling. 🍫 🎉🏙️🧀🏰

Strange Bavarians and Disney castles - Munich and Salzburg

You’re swapping cheese and hiking boots for lederhosen, pretzels and beer—as you continue through Bavaria, Germany and onto Austria! 🥨🍺

Waltz into Munich for sizzling bratwursts and the city’s legendary oompah-pah beer halls! Buckle up for the Romantic Bavarian Road—a treasure map of castles and postcard villages! 🏰🚗 And let your U. Guide give you a Mozart serenade in the culture hub of Salzburg full of Baroque beauty.🎶\

Alps, cheese, adrenaline, castles, medieval villages let’s make this trip legendary! 🎉🍻🌙🎩

Connect with your U.Guide and Group – Your Alps Odyssey Begins

Welcome to Milano! Or should I say, “Ciao, hallo, and bonjour!” It’s Day 1 of your wild ride through the Alps, and we’re kicking it off in this vibrant city where the pasta’s hot, the pizza’s hotter, and the views are as stunning as your future selfies. 🏔️📸

Gather ’round, adventurers! It’s 4 pm, and it’s time for introductions.. Get ready to bombard our experienced guide with any last minute questions. Today’s the start of a rollercoaster ride through breathtaking mountains and valleys, and amongst vibrant European hot spot destinations.

After we’ve all exchanged hellos and found out who snores the loudest, it’s time for a wander around Milano! Explore incredible piazzas that’ll make your hometown square look like a parking lot, the jaw-dropping Duomo, and then, why not hunt down a local trattoria for a group pizza and pasta fest.

Sip on a Montipulcciano or a Chianti, or crack open a Peroni with a classic Margherita pizza. Feeling brave? Spice it up with a pasta arrabiata! This is just the beginning of your epic odyssey. 🍕🍝

Included activities: Evening exploration of Milan
Accommodation: Triples and quad share in central Milan hotel

Day 1: Milan

Swiss Mountain Adventuring

Travelling from Milan to Zermatt goes from “Buongiorno” to “Guten Tag” in the blink of an eye, and from big city to spectacular scenery quicker than you can say boo, as we travel north into the towering alps! 🇮🇹🏔️, It is absolutely the case that the journey is a beautiful as the destination!

Welcome to Zermatt, where cars take a holiday too! Nestled cozily at the foot of the legendary Matterhorn, it’s like stepping into a postcard. 🚗❌

Picture-perfect pedestrian streets beg for a leisurely stroll and a small hike around the village for the most Instagram-worthy views. Oh, and if you fancy a bit of “I conquered the mountain” bragging rights, you’ve got the option to hop on three gondolas up to the tippy-top of the Matterhorn! 🚠🏔️

Zermatt isn’t just about breathtaking views; it’s also a haven for Swiss mountain cuisine. Tonight, it’s all about hunting down raclette for a dining experience so local, even the cheese is speaking Swiss German! 🧀🇨🇭

So, get those hiking boots on, prepare for some gondola antics, and get ready to eat your weight in cheesy goodness — it’s just day one of our Swiss mountain adventure! 🥾🧀🏔️

Included activities: Exploring Zermatt village and surrounds, Zermatt glacier train
Accommodation: Quad share local hostel

Day 2: Milan to Zermatt

From the sublimely beautiful to the ridiculously jaw-dropping

If you didn’t get up early for a mountain trail run to grab the sunrise, then hit the snooze button – relaxation mode activated, as we enjoy a late start to day 3 for a short hop from the sublime beauty of Zermatt to the ridiculously jaw-dropping Swiss wonderland of Interlaken! 🚂💤

Interlaken, the cozy heart of Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland, is like a postcard come to life! It’s not just a town; it’s like someone sprinkled magic on it. Imagine cute wooden houses giving you a warm hug, peaceful lakes Thun and Brienz high-fiving each other, and green parks casually flirting with the Aare River. 🏞️🏠

But wait, it gets better! Surrounding this picture-perfect town are mountains so epic they put superhero backdrops to shame. We’re talking forests that’ll make Red Riding Hood envious, meadows straight out of a Sound of Music scene, and glaciers that sparkle brighter than your favourite glitter. This place is a Swiss dream come true! 🇨🇭✨

Arriving in the early afternoon means it’s check-in time followed by a dash to explore this Swiss paradise. Hike around the picturesque edge of the lake and along river, watch the paraglider come in from their days activities, and pursue the “ridonculously” expensive luxury watch and jewellery shops.

And hey, if your dreams are filled with visions of traditional Swiss meals tonight, guess what? We’ve got you covered! We know the awesome place for a traditional fondue! 🧀🏔️🍫🏔️

Included activities: Traditional Swiss fondue
Accommodation: Triple and quad share local hostel

Day 3: Zermatt to Interlaken

Adventure day

In Interlaken, it’s not just about sightseeing—it’s about Swiss-style adventures that make you feel like Heidi on adrenaline! Today’s agenda? It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but instead of flipping pages, it’s a menu as long as your arm, jam-packed with Swiss fun! 🇨🇭🤸

Options today include a thrilling Jet boat ride, the rollercoaster of lake adventures! Imagine zooming around Lake Brienz with a guide who’s part Captain Jack Sparrow, part local storyteller, and part speed demon. Hold onto your lederhosen because you’ll be making 360 turns and getting VIP access to the famous Giessbach Falls. It’s like a movie stunt without the CGI! 🚤💦

Or if getting immersed in the water is totally your thing – the canyons and rivers around Interlaken have some of the best white water rafting found anywhere in the world.

Perhaps, embrace some sky-high fun! Want to feel like a bird? Skydiving and paragliding over the Swiss Alps offer epic views of the lake and surrounding Jungfrau and Monch peaks! Unless you’re more of a “chill at the top” kind of person, then hop on the famous train to the Jungfrau mountain, because at 4,158 metres who doesn’t want to brag about visiting Europe’s highest train station? 🏔️✈️🚂

Feeling a bit more grounded? No worries! A short train ride to the incredibly beautiful village of Grindelwald awaits, where you can hike in the Gletscherschlucht — the glacial gorge — with it’s iconic view of the north face of the Eiger mountain! 🏞️🥾

After a day of epic adventures , it’s story time and boasting hour! We’ll regroup for a gentle wander around some of the regional breweriesin the old town, maybe finishing with a gut-busting pork knuckle – yum! 🍻🏰 🍫🏔️

Included activities: Old town brewery tour
Accommodation: Triple and quad share local hostel

Day 4: Interlaken

The hippest place in Switzerland right now, plus more chocolate!

Rise and shine, adventurers! Today we continue our journey to Zurich, arriving mid afternoon, in time to enjoy a quick city break. ☕️🇨🇭

But before we hit Zurich, we’ll make a pit stop at enchanting Lake Lucerne—where medieval magic meets 21st-century awesomeness! ✨🏰

We’ll stroll through the rainbow-coloured Altstadt(Old Town) that’s surrounded by the 14th-century Musegg Wall, and the Insta-famous Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) that’s been standing strong since the Middle Ages! If time’s feeling generous, we might just take a little hike up to the moving Lion of Lucerne sculpture. 🦁🏞️ 🏰🌈✨

Back on the train and arriving into Zurich this afternoon, we’re on a quest to uncover the secrets of this hip metropolis that has culture, shopping, and history packed tighter than a Swiss sauna! 🧀🛍️🏰 First up, it’s a charming jaunt through the Old Town. Then, hold onto your chocolate-loving hearts because it’s time for a sweet escapade—a chocolate tour! 🍫✨

As the evening turns to night we’re turning this day from chocolate crawling to bar crawling. Zurich comes alive at night with hotspots from cozy pubs to funky bars. Who knows, we might even uncover the secrets of Swiss yodelling! Now, if bars aren’t your cup of cocoa, fear not! You’re free to venture off on your own Zurich adventure. But remember, safety first — no scaling the Alps at midnight! 🏔️🦉 🍻🎶

So, grab your sense of adventure, your sweet tooth, and maybe a Swiss army knife (you never know), because Zurich awaits with a blend of culture, chocolates, and a nightlife that’ll make your playlist jealous! 🎉🏙️

Included activities: Lucerne walking tour, exploring Zurich Old Town, Swiss chocolate tour
Accommodation: Triple and quad share central hotel

Day 5: Interlarken to Zurich via Lucerne

Big scenery in a little country

Today’s wakeup call comes with a snooze-friendly departure time because, let’s face it, yodelling late into the night in hip Zurich has been known to trip up the best of us — it’s tough out there! 😴⏰

But fear not, because our destination makes it worth prying yourself from those cozy sheets—we’re off to Liechtenstein for a dose of Alpine charm and a pinch of exclusivity! This country is so tiny, it’s practically Europe’s best-kept secret. 🏔️🎩

As we roll into Vaduz, mid to late afternoon, get ready for some pint-sized exploration! Despite its compact size, this place is like a treasure trove of charm. From charming streets to the iconic Vaduz Castle with vast vistas, this place packs a cultural punch! It’s the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein so if marrying a prince is on your bucket list then make sure you smile. 🏰📸

While here, we highly recommend you sample the local Käsknöpfle, a dish that’s like a crepe’s cool cousin, served with a cheesy twist, fried or caramelised onions, and an apple puree. It’s weirdly awesome, like discovering a secret flavour combination! 🥞🧀🍏

So, grab your sense of adventure, your appetite for the unconventional, and maybe a magnifying glass because this tiny country is ready to show us that size doesn’t matter when it comes to fun, flavours and unique experiences! 🌟🍽️🔍

Included activities: Liechtenstein walking tour
Accommodation: Shared rooms in unique local hostel

Day 6: Zurich to Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Goodbye yodelling and hello oompah-pah

Rise and shine, cheese-loving mountaineers! You are ticking countries off like an over-achievers to-do list. Today, we’re packing our lederhosen and hiking boots as we venture deeper into the land of pretzels and beer—Bavaria, Germany! 🥨🍺

Our grand entrance into Munich is all about perfect timing — late lunch means bratwursts are calling our names, and Munich is the home of the brewhouse culture! Legend says the beer flows like a river here, but what we do know is that Munich is a blend of tradition and oompah-pah!

Once we’ve checked into our awesome city hostel it’s time for a city tour through the historic old town heading to the incredible Marienplatz. You’ll then head to the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum! It’s like a crash course in all things beer, where history meets hops and barley.

Then, we’ll soak up the Bavarian brewing vibes by hitting the beer gardens, clinking glasses in the traditional beer halls, and making our mark at the iconic Hofbrauhaus! Prepare to learn 50 different ways of singing we all live in a yellow submarine – it is a hugely entertaining evening. 🎉🍻🎶

Included activities: Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, Bavarian beer tour
Accommodation: Triple and quad share central hostel

Day 7: Vaduz to Munich

Real world Disneyland castles

Today, we change our train for a bus as we hit the road on a one-day adventure to explore Germany’s ‘Romantic Road,’ where castles and picturesque villages await like hidden treasures on a pirate map! 🏰🚗

First stop, the iconic Harburg Castle.Think ancient, big, historical and of fairytale proportions 🐉🛡️

Next up, Rothenburg! This town is so perfectly preserved, it’s like the medieval version of a time capsule. We’re talking cobblestone streets, city walls straight out of a knight’s dream, and views that’ll make you want to break out into song like in a Disney movie! 🏰🍺

Wander around the old city, walk the walls like a medieval guard, soak in the views, then chill at a local beer garden with a Bavarian beer and a traditional sausage or sauerkraut🍻🤺

And fear not, night owls, even though we’ll be rolling back into Munich fashionably late, the night is yours to explore! You’re the hero choosing your own quest — whether it’s climbing the castle turret for an early night in your royal bed or riding off in search of dragons in the vibrant streets of Munich – today was a magical fairytale day. 🌃🎉

Included activities: Bavarian Romantic Road tour, Harburg and Rothenburg castles
Accommodation: Triple and quad share central hostel

Day 8: Munich - Bavaria Romantic Road

The home of Mozart

Our last travel day together you’re off on a speedy sprint from Munich to Salzburg, where we’re like time wizards—leaving in the morning and landing just in time for the lunch bell. ✨🕰️

Salzburg, the city of culture, Mozart, and more Baroque beauty than a royal court’s wig collection! It’s like stepping into a living history book—complete with Old Town treasures and a fortress that’s so grand, it gives Hogwarts a run for its money! 🏰🎶

This afternoon your wonderful U.Guide will whisk you away on a historical journey, Salzburg style! Visit the bridge of love, wander along the river, and woo your princess in the Salzburg castle with a little Mozart rendition. 🌙🎩 And the cherry on top of our Austrian sundae — for those not travelling on the Northern Stomp, it’s our last night together! Let’s make it legendary! It has been an amazing trip of alps, cheese, adrenalin, castles, more cheese, and fairytale medieval villages.

Let’s seek out a meal fit for kings and queens, dive into Bosna (Austrian street food magic), find the biggest schnitzel ever and wash it all down with a few Austrian Schnapps! What an amazing journey! 🍽️🥂🎶🎉

Included activities: Salzburg exploration
Accommodation: triple and quad share central hostel

Day 9: Munich to Salzburg

Auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, arrivederci and plain old Wiedersehen!

Ah, the dreaded departure day has arrived for those not continuing on with us to Amsterdam on our Northern Stop route! 😢

A massive thanks for tagging along on this wild ride of medieval castles, lakeside shenanigans, ticking off five countries and enough cheese to last a lifetime! 🧀🌄

We’ve laughed, we’ve adventured, we scaled the mountains of life, and let’s be real, we’ve probably taken more group selfies than a squad of Hollywood celebrities. Bratwurst? Cheese? Repeat! It’s been a gastronomic rollercoaster, and boy, have we soared through the flavours! 🌭🥂

As we bid adieu, we’re sending you off with all our best vibes and wishes for safe travels. Arrivederci e buon viaggio, Auf Wiedersehen und gute Reise, au revoir et bon voyage—whichever language floats your boat, it all translates to “We’ll miss you!” 🚀🌍

And for those continuing with your U.Guide north, sleep-in, spam your old friends on Instagram, and quick get some washing done because this afternoon our incredible journey north continues. ✈️🧳

Day 10: Departure from Salzburg

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Will I need a visa to travel on this trip?

In all cases you must have a valid travel document. We cannot advise on a visa as it depends on your citizenship and passport and the relationship with each ofthe countries. A great place to start is here: https://schengenvisum.info/

Do we cross in and out of the EU?

Yes, we cross borders in and out of the EU on this trip. Liechtenstein, and Switzerland are not EU member states, but they are in the Schengen. This means that depending on your passport, which even EU citizens must carry with them, you mayneed a visa. The only way to tell is to check with the local embassies.

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What currency will I need?

You’ll need Euro for Italy, Germany and Austria, and Swiss Francs (CHF) for Switzerland and Liechtenstein

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What is my accommodation like?

The trip is created around sharing rooms at the different hostels along the way. The maximum will be a 4-bed dorm room, but you may find yourself in a twin or triple share at times too

What kind of luggage do you recommend

Backpacks! While we all appreciate the ease of rolly suitcases, there are many cobblestones roads to traverse which make it a challenging piece of luggage. So, bring a 65lt or similar backpack and a lightweight day bag.

Do you have a recommended packing list?

We do, we’ll send you one as part of our ICU (Intensive Care Unit). You can also head to our website for more information

How much walking will there be?

We are on our feet quite a bit, with walking tours in most locations. This is so you can best explore the ‘off the beaten track’ places with your guide. So pack a really decent pair of sneakers as your primary shoe!

Can I wash my clothes along the way

In most hostels we stay at there will be washing and drying facilities. The problem is, we’d rather you be out enjoying your new surroundings than stuck in the basement doing laundry! So, we recommend that you bring 10 x base layers of socks and underwear, and then clothes that can be aired easily at night and re worn a second time! That’ll keep your backpack light and your wanderlust high!


  • 5 countries, 8 cities/towns
  • All accommodation and train transport – no extra supplements
  • Amazing guided walking tours or discovery walks in Milan, Zermatt, Interlaken, Lucerne, Zurich, Vaduz, Munich, and Salzburg
  • Optional adventure day in Interlaken
  • Local cuisine such as raclette and fondue!
  • UNESCO sites across the Alps
  • Exploring Zurich, Munich and Salzburg after dark
  • Picturesque train rides through stunning alpine landscapes
  • Stroll through Lake Lucernes rainbow-coloured Altstadt (Old Town) that’s surrounded by the 14th-century Musegg Wall, and the Kapellbrücke (ChapelBridge), where medieval magic meets 21st-century
  • Off the beaten trail to Vaduz to explore this ancient principality
  • Swiss chocolate, Bavarian beer gardens and Austrian schnapps!

Optional Activities:

Adventure day in Interlaken


Trains and feet, and possibly a boat if you choose an additional water based
adventure in Interlaken

You will need a backpack – cobble streets and rocky mountains do not like wheelie bags. We do a lot of walking on our European trip exploring the back streets and sometimes we will also with our luggage to get from the train station to our accommodation or jump off the train and grab some fresh food at a local market or grab a great photo of a falling down ancient building etc. You don’t need to be super fit but exploring on your feet all day can be tiring so bring good walking shoes too.

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