19-day Surf Camp & East Coast

A truely immersive Aussie experience! 🇦🇺

Embark on your unforgettable Australian adventure with a thrilling three-day Surf Camp at Gerroa’s 7-mile beach. Transform from a novice to a seasoned surfer at our purpose-built Surf Camp. Continue your journey through New South Wales exploring the diverse landscapes of the enchanting Blue Mountains, the gourmet delights in the Hunter Valley and the pristine beaches of Port Stephens.

Relaxation, wildlife encounters, and scenic beauty are all on the menu as you travel from Brisbane to Cairns. From the laid-back vibes of Byron Bay to Noosa’s champion surfers and Fraser Island’s 4WD adventures. Cruise to the Whitsunday Islands, lush forests on Magnetic Island, the oldest rainforest in the world in the Daintree, snorkelling in vibrant coral reefs, and exploring the Atherton Tablelands.

Encounter wildlife from koalas to crocodiles, kayak with dolphins, snooze on golden sand beaches, and experience the rich traditions of the First Nations people. Nights are as vibrant or laid-back as you desire making this U. trip a true Aussie experience. 🌍🏄‍♂️🏞️🏝️🐨🌊

At a glance

From: $4,659

Days 1 - 3 Surf Camp

Start your Australia adventure with our renowned three-day Surf Camp on Gerroa’s 7-mile beach, where you’ll transform from a “wipeout wonder” to a “wicked wave wizard” through four surf lessons. The program covers mastering the art of paddling, graceful stand-up techniques, riding waves with style, and understanding surf etiquette and wave reading. Stay in our purpose-built Surf Camp, conveniently located near the beach (and a local bar for emergencies), complete with swimming pools, hammocks, and hundreds of DVDs to relax in the evening, all set on Australia’s stunning coast. 🌊🏄‍♂️🌴

Days 4 - 7 New South Wales

Your New South Wales adventure take you on a diverse journey along the East Coast. Starting in Sydney, you venture into the enchanting Blue Mountains, exploring famous spots like Wentworth Falls and the Three Sisters. You get to savour gourmet delights amidst the picturesque Hunter Valley scenery and see Koalas in rehab up close. Relax on pristine beaches around Port Stephens, encounter dolphins on a boat cruise, rise early for a sunrise view from the majestic Worimi sand dunes, and hike the stunning Mt. Tomaree for breathtaking views. 🏞️🐨🍷🍻🌅🏖️🏜️🌄🎉🇦🇺

Days 8 - 12 Brisbane to Airlie Beach

You’ll explore the arts and crafts markets, hit the famous beaches. maybe rub elbows with dolphins on kayaking adventures, spot koalas, dingos and kangaroos in the wild, explore lush rainforests and hidden freshwater creeks on the world’s largest sand island, and are the nights as vibrant and crazy or laid-back and chilled as you want.🌞🏖️🚣‍♂️🐬🌴😂

Days 13 - 19 Airlie Beach to Cairns

Live the dream with a cruise to the Whitsunday Islands, immerse yourself in lush forests, surrounded by koalas, wallabies, and breathtaking ocean views on Magnetic Island, snorkel amidst colourful coral, playful fish, and turtles, venture inland to the Atherton Tablelands where magnificent waterfalls and the freshwater Lake Eacham await, spot Platypus in the wild, explore Mossman Gorge and the oldest rainforest in the world, spot crocodiles in their natural habitat, and learn about ancient customs of the the First Nations people, traditional dances, and their deep connection between the land and its people in an immersive U. Impact! Experience

Your East Coast journey is unforgettable Australian adventure. 🌊🏝️🐊🏞️🥂😂

Learn to surf like a local

Have you ever looked at those gnarly waves and thought, “I could totally ride that… if only I knew how not to face plant into the beach!” Well, fret not, landlubbers! Welcome to our three-day, four-lesson surf extravaganza at the world-famous Surf Camp, where we’ll take you from “wipeout wonder” to “wicked wave wizard” in no time!

🚌 We depart Sydney as a group at 9:00 AM, so set your alarms and don’t be fashionably late unless you want to be fashionably chasing the bus down the street, arriving at out purpose built surf camp in time for lunch and your first lesson that afternoon.

🌊 Paddle Perfection 🌊
First things first, you’ll master the art of paddling. No, not like a dog desperately trying to fetch a stick in the local puddle. We’re talking about streamlined, efficient strokes that’ll have you gliding over those waves like a pro.

Meals: Lunch and dinner
Twins and triples purpose build Surf Camp

Day 1: Sydney to Gerroa

🏄‍♂️ Rise and Shine! 🏄‍♀️
Ever tried to stand on a floating piece of fibreglass and foam? Yeah, it’s not easy. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You will soon be all about the art of the graceful stand-up. We’ll have you popping up on your board faster than your perfectly toast is ejected from the toaster (with Marmite of course – don’t ask!!)

🌊 Ride the Rodeo 🌊
Dropping into waves is a bit like riding a bull, but wetter. You’ll learn to drop into those waves with style and panache. Forget about clinging to your board like a koala to a eucalyptus tree; you’ll be riding those waves like a pro rodeo jackaroo or jillaroo (read cowboy.girl in Straylian) in no time!

🏨 Accommodation 🏨
After a day of riding waves, it’s time to crash at our purpose-built Surf Camp. We promise it’s much comfier than trying to sleep on the beach. Surf Camp is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the beach and the local bar, perfect for beersies at sundown and talking like a pirate. We’ve got a swimming pool, hot showers, hammocks for your lazy lounging needs, internet to keep your Insta game strong, laundry for those sandy clothes, and a café to refuel your post-surf munchies. And if you’re feeling fancy, we’ve got private, twin, and family room upgrades! For those who prefer a more chill vibe, we’ve got plenty of quiet spaces to unwind.

🍽️ Meals 🍽️
We know surfing can turn you into a ravenous beast, so fear not! All your meals are included at Surf Camp, and we serve up enough food to make even a great white shark feel full. We’ve got tasty and healthy options galore, including vegetarian delights. Got any other dietary requests? Just let us know, and we’ll make sure your tummy stays happy!

🏄‍♂️ Surf Gear 🏄‍♀️
No need to bring your dad’s old, crusty wetsuit or that banged-up, dinged surfboard from the ’90s. At Surf Camp, you’ll be decked out in top-of-the-line Rip Curl wetsuits that are so cozy, you might consider wearing them to bed. Plus, our custom-designed beginner soft-boards are like the training wheels of the surf world. They practically ride the waves for you! And don’t worry about sunburn; we’ve got SPF 30+ water-resistant sunscreen on deck! Oh, and did we mention the epic daily photos and videos? They’re like the highlight reel of your newfound surf stardom! So grab a seat, relax, and let the good times roll like waves on a never-ending swell! 🤙🏄‍♂️🤙🏄‍♀️

Meals: all meals
Accommodation: Twins and triples purpose build Surf Camp

Day 2: 7-mile beach Gerroa

Our last day at surf camp and this morning is all about🏄‍♂️ Surf Etiquette & Psychic Wave Reading 🏄‍♀️ We can’t teach you how to communicate with Neptune, but we can teach you to read those waves like a fortune teller reading tea leaves. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re well-versed in surf etiquette so you don’t accidentally steal someone else’s wave karma!

After just one more amazing post-lunch feeding frenzy we then head north returning to Sydney in time to hit the bar that evening and tell tall stories about the 12 footer that nearly munted you, but instead, you rode the barrel and carved off the top lip. Rad bro!

Meals: breakfast and lunch
Accommodation: Twins and triples Sydney inner city hostel

Day 3: Gerroa to Sydney

Welcome to Aussie, mate

Alright, folks, get ready for your adventure heading north up the infamous East Coast of Australia that’s as fun as a kangaroo in a jump-off! We kick things off in the land of Oz’s most fabulous city, Sydney.

Once we’ve established that we’re all in good company, it’s time to get down to business, and by business, we mean the kind that involves exploring the stunning Blue Mountains. Why are they called “blue,” you ask? Well, it’s not because they’re feeling sad; it’s because they’re often covered in a mystical blue haze – kinda like an Avatar sequel.

Our day in the Blue Mountains will have you taking on Wentworth Falls hike and striking a pose with the iconic Three Sisters. Don’t worry, though; we’re not going to turn you into the next Bear Grylls. We’ll save some energy to be back in Sydney by evening, and that means it’s time to check out the Harbour City’s world-famous nightlife.

Picture yourself sipping on a cocktail with the Sydney Opera House as your backdrop, and the Harbour Bridge lighting up the night sky – it’s almost as if the city itself is saying, “Welcome to the Aussie, mate!” 🌄🎉🇦🇺

Included activities: Wentworth Falls hike, Sydney nightlife explorer
Accommodation: Twins and triples Sydney inner city hostel

Day 4: Sydney, Blue Mountains

Koalas in a food sandwich.

Pack your bags and say goodbye to beautiful Sydney, because you’re about to dive headfirst into a foodie wonderland that’s so delicious, even your taste buds will do a happy dance! We’re off to the Hunter Valley, a place where skyscrapers are swapped for rolling hills, and instead of sidewalks, you’ll find wineries, cheeseries, and breweries. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but for grown-ups who appreciate a fine glass of wine more than a golden ticket. Sip on a glass of perfectly aged wine, indulge in the artsiest of craft beers, nibble on artisanal cheeses, and savouring gourmet chocolate amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Hunter Valley.

But hold on to your taste buds, because we’re not done yet! Next stop: Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary. This place isn’t just about cute koalas (though you’ll see plenty of those furry fellas), it’s about providing state-of-the-art care to our sick, injured, and orphaned koalas. We’re talking top-notch healthcare for the marsupial elite! And to get a truly unique perspective on these cuddly creatures, we’ll be climbing the “Skywalk,” where you’ll feel like a koala yourself as you peer into their natural habitat from the treetops.

Now, back to the food front (because it’s a foodie sandwich today, and we’re the filling). We’re cranking up the heat with a top-notch Aussie BBQ this evening. Grab your tongs and get ready to chow down on sizzling sausages, mouthwatering steaks, and all the delicious fixings (there is even a mean vegan barbie for those in need too). 🍇🍷🥩🍤🐨

Meals: breakfast and dinner
Included activities: Gourmet goodies tastings, Koala sanctuary
Accommodation: Eco-cabins

Day 5: Sydney - Hunter Valley to Port Stephens

Sun, sea, sand and chilling

Ah, Australia’s east coast – where the motto has always been “sun, sea, sand, and chilling.” Today, we’re turning that dream into a full-blown, sandy reality show! Say hello to Port Stephens, a gem on Australia’s coastline that’s like the beach equivalent of finding a ten-dollar bill in your old jeans pocket.

Picture this: your ankle-deep in the crystal-clear waters, the waves gently caress your toes as if they’ve been waiting for you to arrive and grace them with your presence. And then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you find yourself face to fin with dolphins. We’re talking about meeting these intelligent, graceful creatures in their natural habitat on a boat cruise. They’ll probably swim circles around your excitement levels.

We round the day off with legendary Mt. Tomaree Walk. Trust us; the views from the top are so breathtaking they’ll make you question why you ever bothered with mundane things like office cubicles and traffic jams.

So, pack your sunscreen, your sense of wonder, and your best sea shanty (or preferably not). Today’s the day when you turn the beachy daydream into a reality so epic, even the sun will be throwing some extra rays your way in approval. Welcome to Port Stephens, where the sun, sea, sand, and chilling are more than just a motto – they’re a way of life! 🏖️🌊🐬⛰️🌞🤣

Included activities: Wild dolphin boat cruise, Mt Tomaree walk
Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: Eco-cabins

Day 6: Port Stephens

Bris-vegas and the eternal sunshine

As the sun peeks over the horizon, painting the sky in shades of pink and orange, you’ll find yourself standing at the top of the majestic Worimi sand dunes at sunrise. Worimi are the largest moving coastal dunes in the entire southern hemisphere. It’s a view so breathtaking that even the dunes themselves will be like, “Wow, we look good in this light!” And don’t worry, if you happen to tumble down a dune or two, just remember, you’re not falling; you’re simply practicing your sand acrobatics!
After our sandy escapade, it’s time to refuel, and what better way to do that than with breakfast amongst the trees at our eco-lodge? You’ll be sipping your coffee, listening to the birds chirping their morning serenade, and probably finding a grain or two of sand in places you didn’t even know existed.

After breakfast we head back toward Sydney, knowing that our beachy dreams to sand dune conquests are only just beginning as we hop, skip and a flight to Brisbane – where sunshine and good times never end. Brisbane is like that laid-back friend who’s always got a smile on their face and a sunny disposition. Did you know Brisbane is going to be the future home of the summer Olympics?

Take an evening stroll along the Brisbane River and when it’s time to wet your whistle we stop at a local brewery where you can sample some of the finest Aussie brews. After all, what’s an adventure without a toast to the memories made and the ones yet to come?🏄‍♂️🌞🍻🎉🐨🇦🇺🌆🌅🍃🏖️🏜️🌄🤣

Included activities: Worimi sand dunes, Flight Sydney – Brisbane, Brisbane River walk, brewery visit
Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: Twins and triples Brisbane city hostel

Day 7: Port Stephens to Brisbane

Is laid-back party an oxymoron?

Next stop Byron Bay – the kind of laid-back surf paradise where even the seagulls have a Zen attitude. Explore the arts and crafts markets, get yourself back on the surfboard, visit cafes, walk to the lighthouse at Australia’s most eastern point (there’s a pretty cool maritime museum and interpretive space to check out), and hit some of the famous beaches. Golden sand, endless coastline, and friendly locals – so laid-back that they’d take a nap on said surfboard if possible.

For you more active types this afternoon’s kayaking adventure could have you rubbing elbows with some rather distinguished ocean-dwelling locals – dolphins, turtles, and maybe, just maybe, a cameo appearance by the elusive whales in the right season. It’s like a marine meet-and-greet where you’re the VIP guest.

And then when the sun decides to call it a day – painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, you know it’s party time in Byron Bay. This vibrant town comes alive after dark, and for those keen you can dive headfirst in search of fun and shenanigans. Whether it’s dancing like nobody’s watching at a beachfront bar or participating in an impromptu limbo contest on the streets, you can bet Byron Bay knows how to throw a party. 🏄‍♀️🌅🚣‍♂️🐬🐢🐋🍹🌃🕺🏖️🌊🌞🤣

Included activities: eco-kayaking dolphin trip
Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: twins and triples in hotel

Day 8: Brisbane to Byron Bay

Chill, thrill, or do both

Friends, today’s agenda is all about one word, and one word only: relaxation. So, if you thought we were going to be racing around like caffeinated kangaroos, think again. It’s relaxation, relaxation, and, well, more relaxation! We’re in Byron Bay, after all, where time moves a little slower that even the clocks take siestas.

The day is your canvas, and you can paint it any way you like. Put your feet up and sip on a cocktail at a beachside bar, people-watch from one of the local cafes, where the barista knows your coffee order before you do, sun-bake on any of the awesome beaches, shop for bargains in the quaint stores, or get hooked up into one of the many optional activities Byron Bay has to offer – defying gravity with a skydiving, floating gracefully in a hot air balloon, or explore the depths of the ocean snorkelling or scuba diving.

The world is your oyster, and Byron Bay is your playground – chill, thrill, or do a bit of both. After all, we’re here to create memories, and Byron Bay is the perfect backdrop for the ultimate relaxation masterpiece. 🏖️🛍️🏄‍♂️🌄🍹🏞️🌊🌞🤣

Accommodation: Twins and triples in hotel

Day 9: Byron Bay

Wildlife in the WILD – seriously

Well, well, well, it’s another day in paradise! And by paradise, we mean you’re continuing your beachy escapades because, honestly, who can ever get enough of gorgeous sandy shores? Today, we’re hitting up Noosa where life’s a beach – and a darn good one at that! Noosa is home to some of Australia’s most epic champion surfers.

As we cross into Queensland – the Sunshine State we will pull a handbrake at the Eumundi Markets (Wednesdays and Saturdays only, folks), for locally made arts and crafts. It’s like a treasure hunt where the treasure is all the quirky, unique, and downright awesome stuff made by talented locals.

Then you will be heading to Noosa National Park, where you might just get the chance to spot some iconic Aussie critters in the wild, including the ever-adorable koalas, or kangaroos that can dance the Macarena (you heard it first here). The afternoon is all yours to enjoy, and Noosa knows how to do it all – shopping in the chic boutiques, treat yourself to a seafood feast to make Poseidon proud, or simply lounging on the beach like a true sun worshipper. 🏄‍♂️🌞🏖️🌊🛍️🦘🐨🌴🎉🤣

Included activities: guided trip to Noosa National Park
Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: twins and triples in hotel

Day 10: Byron Bay to Noosa

Mother Nature’s giant sand playground

Ladies and gentlemen, put on your adventure helmets because today we’re on a once-in-a-lifetime 4WD K’Gari extravaganza! What’s K’Gari, you ask? Well, it’s the original native Butchulla name for what used to be known as Fraser Island, and it translates to ‘paradise’ – which is exactly what you’re in for.

Forget your typical daily commute because we’re kicking things off with a thrilling drive along the world-renowned 75 Mile Beach Road. Yes, you read that right; it’s a bona fide highway running along the spectacular beach. Keep your eyes peeled for Dingos, they are not your average bike chasing neighbourhood puppy.

On K’Gari you’ll want to take a dip in Lake McKenzie, famous for its soft sands that feel like you’re walking on clouds and waters so crystal clear you’ll feel like you’re floating in a diamond. It’s the kind of place where you’ll wonder if you’ve stumbled into a real-life postcard or if someone slipped you a dose of fairy-tale magic.

There’s a whole treasure trove of adventures awaiting us on the world’s largest sand island. From exploring lush rainforests to discovering hidden freshwater creeks, the Maheno Shipwreck and Indian Head. 🚗🌴🏖️🌊🌞🌈🌲🐕‍🦺📸🎬😂

Included activities: 4WD K’Gari adventure
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch
Accommodation: twins and triples Noosa hotel

Day 11: Noosa, K’Gari (Fraser Island)

Mermaids and mermens

The adventure continues as we soar into the skies, making our way to Airlie Beach, the undisputed jewel in the magnificent crown of the Whitsundays. This place is so stunning that even David Attenborough probably likes to vacation here!

Once landed the menu for today in paradise is a buffet of options waiting for you to feast on. Take a leisurely stroll through the town, where you’ll find quirky shops, friendly locals, and possibly even a street musician playing tunes that make you want to do an impromptu dance number. Airlie Beach is home to some of the coolest little bars this side of the hemisphere. You can sip on cocktails that come with mini umbrellas or sample local brews that taste like happiness in a glass. At the epic swimming lagoon the only worry is whether to swim or sunbathe – a dilemma we can only wish for in our everyday lives. Lounge by the water’s edge, feeling the sun kiss your skin, and pretend to be a mermaid (or a merman).

Airlie Beach is like a playground for grown-ups, and today, you’re the kid in the candy store. ✈️🌴🍹🌞🏖️🏊‍♂️🎶😂

Included activities: Flight Noosa to Airlie Beach
Meals: Breakfast and dinner
Accommodation: Twins and triples Airlie Beach hostel

Day 12: Noosa to Airlie Beach

Living the dream

Breakfast has us feeling as energetic as a caffeinated kangaroo, ready for an awesome day cruise into the Whitsunday Islands – including the crown jewel of this island paradise, none other than the famed Whitehaven Beach. We could attempt to describe its dazzling white sands, azure waters, and lush, green vegetation, but honestly, words would just be doing a disservice to this natural wonder. It’s like trying to describe a rainbow to someone who’s been living in a black and white world. You’ve got to see it to believe it, folks!

We’re not just here for the eye candy; grab some snorkelling gear because it’s time to meet the locals in their aquatic neighbourhood – mingle with colourful coral, playful fish, and turtles. It’s like attending the hottest underwater party, where the marine life is the real VIP crowd.

Back on dry land and tonight it is your chance to explore some of Airlie Beach’s many amazing dining options. The Whitsundays are like a dream come true, and today, you’re living the dream one island at a time! 🏝️🌊🏊‍♀️🐠🍤🍹🍨😂

Included activities: Whitsunday Island cruise, snorkelling, Whitehaven Beach
Meals: Breakfast and lunch
Accommodation: Twins and triples Airlie Beach hostel

Day 13: Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands

Wonky compass island

The year was 1770, when suddenly Captain Cook’s compass went all “drama queen” on him. Little did he know, he had stumbled upon this gorgeous island that had some serious magnetic charm – koalas casually chilling in the treetops, wallabies hopping around like they’re auditioning for a kangaroo boy band, lush forests, and spectacular ocean views. Today we have headed north and crossed over by ferry to aptly named Magnetic Island.

Now, if there was ever a day to bring your camera, this is the one. You’ll be dining out on Mother Nature’s greatest hits. 📸🏝️🐨🦘🌳🌊🌅😂

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Twins and triples bungalows

Day 14: Airlie Beach to Magnetic Island

Adventure day

Ah, Magnetic Island, where every day feels like an adventure that’s just waiting to be embraced! Today is yet another opportunity to make memories, and it’s like we’ve unlocked the treasure chest of optional adventures. So, what tickles your fancy? Don a wetsuit – we’ve got crystal clear waters just waiting for your splash-tastic entrance as you snorkel or dive amount incredible tropical corals and fish. Or, the lush forest of Magnetic Island is calling for any number of rewarding hikes. Jeep hire – you’ve got the keys to some rugged and reliable jeeps that are just begging to be taken on an off-road adventure. Channel your inner Indiana Jones (or Lara Croft).

It’s your playground, whether you choose to dive, hike, drive, or snorkel – take lots of pictures, Magnetic Island has a way of making you feel like a kid again! 🌊🌴🚗🐟🌳🌞😂

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Twins and triples bungalows

Day 15: Magnetic Island

Tropical heat

As we reach the tropics of Far North Queensland things are heating up faster than a kookaburra’s tap dance!

We are not all sand and islands as we detour inland to the Atherton Tablelands. Our first stop is a magnificent plunge waterfall. Picture dense tropical rainforests, vibrant foliage, and a soundtrack provided by the jungle’s very own orchestra of chirping birds and chattering critters. Nestled in the heart of the dense rainforest, this waterfall is the ultimate hidden gem, and it’s practically begging you to take a dip in its cool, refreshing waters.

We visit Lake Eacham, a crater lake that’s so clear it’s like peering into the world’s most pristine fishbowl, a massive “Curtain Fig Tree,” spot Platypus’s in the wild around Peterson Creek and indulge a foodie surprise amongst the heritage listed timber cottages of Yungaburra.

And finally, we’ll finish our day in Cairns, one of Australia’s most vibrant, tropical, and energetic cities. It’s like a perpetual summer party where the sun never sets, and the palm trees are the life of the dance floor. Get ready to soak up the tropical vibes, take – Cairns, here we come, and we’re ready to make a splash – both in the water and on the dance floor! 🌴🌺🌞🏞️🏊‍♂️🌲🎉🌧️😂

Included activities: Atherton Tablelands explorer
Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Twin and triples Cairns boutique hotel

Day 16: Magnetic Island to Atherton Tablelands to Cairns

A real-life aquatic carnival

Prepare yourselves for another day of epic proportions as we dive even deeper into the tropical north wonderland of the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation.

On the way you make a pit stop at Mossman Gorge. It’s like a natural oasis, nature’s own spa, complete with rejuvenating waterfalls and lush greenery, take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters and feel like Tarzan (or Jane).

As you venture further into this tropical paradise, it’s time to embark on the pièce de résistance: an epic snorkelling adventure on the Great Barrier Reef. You know, that World Heritage-listed marvel that’s so famous even fish have heard of it? We use a fast boat to get way, way away from the crowds and straight into an underwater world that’s so awe-inspiring,

Picture yourself donning your snorkelling gear, flippers and all, and diving into a world where neon-coloured fish are the local celebrities and coral formations are the real architectural wonders – from curious sea turtles to clownfish you’ll explore an underwater realm that’s nothing short of mind-blowing.

Get ready for a day filled with tropical wonders, aquatic escapades, and laughter that’ll have you snorting seawater through your snorkel. 🌴🌊🌺🐠🏞️🏊‍♂️🎉😂

Included activities: Mossman Gorge waterfall excursion, Great Barrier Reef
Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Rainforest lodge

Day 17: Cairns to Daintree

Deep cultural immersion

We start our day with an adventure river cruise as wild as a kangaroo’s dance moves and as ancient as a dinosaur’s bedtime story. You guessed it – crocodiles! Spot these prehistoric reptiles in their natural habitat.

Finally we’ve reached something so special of our East Coast expedition. An immersive U. Impact! Experience, surrounded by the rich traditions and culture of the local First Nations community. A world where storytelling is an art form, and the land itself is a sacred canvas filled with those stories written in the language of nature. It’s a chance to hear the narrative we have seen all up the East Coast, the ones whispered by the wind and written in the stars. Learn about ancient customs, traditional dances, and the profound connection between the First Nations people and the land they call home.

Now, as we bask in the glow of this incredible experience, it’s time to celebrate our East Coast journey with a night out together in Cairns. A chance to compare memories and swap stories of your amazing adventure., only this time we’re coming back with a newfound appreciation for the land and culture we’ve had the privilege of encountering. 🐊🛥️🪶🌄🎤🦘🥂😂

Included activities: Croc-spotting river cruise, U. Impact! Immersion in First Nations culture
Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: twins and triples Cairns boutique hotel

Day 18: Daintree to Cairns

Departure Day

See ya – wouldn’t wanna be ya. It is sad to leave Australia after the last 3 weeks of just bloody awesomeness mate. Hopefully you are heading on with U. across the ditch to New Zealand or maybe taking those new found surf skills on to Bali or Sri Lanka.

Day 19: Cairns

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and many other factors that can effect a group, where we go and what we do each day may vary.

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  • Purpose built surf camp with swimming pool, hot showers, hammocks, internet, laundry and cafe
  • Quality Rip Curl wetsuits to keep you warm or protect you from the sun while learning to surf
  • All surf lessons
  • Daily photos and videos plus highlights video
  • Capture a photo with the iconic Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge as your backdrop
  • Explore the Blue Mountains, hike to Wentworth Falls and Three Sisters
  • Cheese, wine, chocolate, vodka and brewery tastings
  • Famous Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary
  • Boat trip and wild dolphin safari
  • Mt Tomaree and Worimi sand dune visits
  • Discover the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse – the most eastern point in Australia
  • Sea kayaking amongst wild dolphins and sea turtles in Byron Bay.
  • The amazing relaxed atmosphere of Noosa Heads
  • Discover Fraser Island on an epic 4WD adventure – visit Lake Mckenzie, Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek and more.
  • Dance like no ones watching Airlie Beach
  • Dive, snorkel and swim in the epic Whitsunday Islands exploring the famous beaches
  • Spot koalas and kangaroos in the wild on Magnetic Island
  • Platypus and remote waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands
  • Discover the unique jungle life of the tropical north as we safari on a river cruise through the rainforests of Daintree National park to Cape Tribulation.
  • Great Barrier Reef half day by fast boat
  • U. Impact! Experience with First Nation people
  • Wander the rainforest boardwalks to Alexandra Lookout
  • And a massive 33 meals are included.

Please note the night before the departure for Surf Camp is not included in the price. However, your U. Crew can book you into our preferred place of staying or we can arrange something else if you have a preference.

45 rapids ripping through a stunning rainforest-covered gorge create one hell of a ride guided by professional highly-qualified river guides. More info...
$75 per person
See why Sydney is one of the most liveable cities in the world as you ride through the beautiful parks, around the scenic harbour, and past all of the iconic Sydney sites. More info...
$200 per person
Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world to do your tandem skydive. Toss yourself and your instructor out of the plane from 15.000 ft above sea level. More info...
U.Impact! Experiences

Local characters off the beaten track

One of the most amazing things about Australia that many visitors miss, either because they don’t get off the beaten track, or because they are just too shy is this incredible breed called “the ocker” – which is slang for someone from Australia. We have made an absolute concerted effort to craft local experiences off the beaten track with our mates in Australia. You will get to meet real Aussies who will share a yarn and schooner. Some of them we will even let you pat and feed, but we don’t worry we won’t let them off the leash (joking!!!). Unique to U. will meet awesome folk in country towns plus the wonderful peoples of the First Nations who share with us rich stories and tales. This is not a joke – we are really proud at how local we have taken this trip!

Immersive Indigenous First Nations Experience

We start our trip up the coast leaving Sydney with a beautiful traditional sunrise salutation. This sets us up for an amazing journey over the lands of the traditional owners culminating in an immersive experience in the oldest rainforest in the world – the Daintree. Here we are guided by the warm peoples of the First Nations on their traditions and the culture of the local communities.

Incredible wildlife… in the wild

You know we are against holding animals in captivity just for entertainment or unscrupulous tourism operators who use cruel methods just to tame or herd wild animals into human proximity. But Australia has some of the most incredible array of zany wildlife anywhere in the world. So we have gone over and above to create a trip that has every opportunity to encounter, without encroaching, on platypus, crocodiles, dolphins, whales, koalas and kangaroos in the wild. Be prepared to be wowed and amazing at these beautiful creatures wild in their natural habitats.

Combine or upgrade your trip with some of these trips

From surf lessons and sea-kayaking adventures to heartwarming encounters with friendly Aussies, snorkelling, scenic hikes, untamed wildlife, and beach parties, this trip showcases the very best of Australia’s travel hotspot .


Learn to dive, become a certified diver and help to save the Great Barrier Reef, Australia! Be part of the solution and not the problem in one incredibly well-crafted volunteer based tour.


Your expected footprint on this trip: 0.46 tons of CO2

(not including flights). Find out more about our commitment to net-zero travel and how you can lower your footprint.

Transport: 635.26 kgs Approx. 3134kms at 20.5 kgs per 100km Accommodation: 244.8 kgs 18 nights at approx. at 13.6kgs per night Flights: 122.5 kgs 2 internal flights Optional activities: 13.5 kgs Approx. average (2 activities) Food (and party): 13.3 kgs Approx. 700g per day Boats: 3.87 kgs 215 kms at 19g per km

Your local investment on this trip: AUD$6,026

The average expected amount our U.Traveller’s spend that goes directly into the local economy.

Find out more about our love for supporting local businesses

Why Choose a U. Trip

  • The only tour company carbon calculating and offsetting every part of your U.Trip, as part of your cost! From the flights, to all carbon costs associated with your accommodation, activities, meals and transport.  This means you are choosing to travel responsibly with a company dedicated to putting People + Planet first!  U. have simplified the decision making so you can focus on just choosing the best trip for your adventures!
  • More inclusions, head to head, than other trips meaning you get more value for your spend, you see more and you experience more!
  • Invest in yourself and your future with a U.Trip that seamlessly combines the fun, excitement and adventure of gap year and backpacker travel with Impact Experiences that add value to your ‘self’ and your CV.
  • U. creates the opportunity for you to challenge your own understanding of the world with first hand experiences of local communities and the challenges facing them.
  • A team with over 100 years collective travel experience

Would you like one of our U.Team to give you a call?

Let us know when and we will make it happen.

We can help you!

Would you like one of our U.Team to give you a call?

Let us know when and we will make it happen.

We can help you!

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