Asia – 6 important pieces of travel advice before your journey to Asia

Welcome to our U.Advice Guide for Asia. This guide has been written by members of our U.Crew who have personally been and travelled extensively throughout Asia, and have had a helping hand, alongside our network of locals to bring you a personalised list of important things to know before you embark on your U.Trip.

Remember Cash When Traveling to Asia

In most places in Asia, it is not possible to pay by card. There are lots of ATMs in the larger cities but be aware of international withdrawal fees and less than favourable exchange rates. You may wish to withdraw larger sums to minimise these fees across the length of your U.Trip.

We highly recommend you take money out as opportunities arise, as your U.Trip has been handcrafted to see and experience more off the beaten track, so access may be difficult.

U. also recommends that you exchange currency in your own country before leaving as it’s likely a better exchange rate. Just make sure you have a safe way in which to hold your money (i.e a money pouch).

Rent a Scooter and Explore – Before or After Your U.Trip

We believe in fun and adventure. And a great way to blend in while exploring, and act like a local is to hire an affordable scooter before or after your U.Trip. So, be brave and if you’re in a city, at the beach or immersed in mountains and valleys, here are a few U.Tips to get your mojo flowing!

Rental Prices: Rental prices will vary from nation to nation, and between the bigger cities and the beaches. All in all, hiring a scooter is an affordable enterprise. Expect to pay between 150 – 250 Thai Bhat for a moped in Bangkok and 50,000 IDR per day in Bali.

Passport / Identification: When you rent a scooter, it is usually required for you to hand in your passport. This is a very common rule, so be sure to take care of the matter with the person in charge of renting, and if in doubt, don’t do it! Ask your U.Crew team member for advice on a good local rental company – we are always here to help you!

Buy Out The Insurance Excess: We recommend you find a provider who will allow you to pay a little more in exchange for the possibility of returning the scooter with scratches on it. Let’s face it, part of the adventure is navigating not only the streets but the thousands of other riders or any manner of animals that roam the roads! Be prepared for a few dings.

Take Photos: Take lots and lots of photos before you ride the scooter away. This is normal practice, and we’d recommend it for all forms of rentals, from cars to kayaks, bikes to buggies.

Be Safe: We are always going to recommend you wear a helmet – so choose a company that offers these safety features and a proven helmet sanitisation program.

Prepare: Ask about known routes that may be challenging. You’d be surprised what you may be told – on the islands, or in the mountains often there is a less touristy route with fewer potholes which could make for a more adventurous and comfortable drive!

Use a Taxi With a Taximeter

Our experience has been that you will always be given a fixed price to your location after you’ve flagged a cab down. Don’t be fooled, these are normally exorbitantly higher prices than if you a) haggle or B) take a cab with an advertised taximeter which sets a p/km price by GPS. Be patient – they are out there and they do want your business!

When travelling in a cab, check the route against your map app first, just to make sure you aren’t be driven the long way around!

Eat Locally

U. has most of your meals covered while on your U.Trip – often with produce grown by the host, prepared and cooked by members of the hosts family. It’s always fresh, delicious, authentic and crafted by U.Locals who love to create exotic meals and who love to share and educate our awesome travellers.

When possible, we highly recommend you eat from street vendors. Yes, there is always a small risk when it comes to food sourcing and preparation, but in our experience, the freshest most delicious dishes are served curb side. And the cheapest too!

Remember Proper Clothing When Visiting Sacred Places

Travelling is about learning and experiencing other cultures and we will always promote the utmost respect for a host nations rules and regulations.

One of the most important ‘rules’ is your attire when visiting places of religious or sacred importance. Virtually all temples and holy places require that you dress modestly, covering your skin from your neck to your feet (especially arms, shoulders, back legs and midriffs). We suggest taking a lite wrap and a pair of long lite weight trousers which can be easily and quickly adorned or stowed in your day pack.

Respectfully Bargain and Haggle

It’s almost expected for tourists to haggle and bargain a cost down. It’s almost a sport in Asia, and while we recommend you should be prepared to negotiate a price, also remember that the few extra coins may mean an entire day or two’s worth of food to a family. So please, be respectful and fair and attribute value accordingly!

Have Fun, Experience and Share

Your U.Trip has been consciously designed to support your experiences of Asian culture with as much freedom as possible while having the safety and access of a guided tour. Our U.Guide will always inform and educate you on your surroundings as you navigate through your Asian destination.

These U.Tips are just a few to help you get started! Travel, Experience, Love and share – because Travelling Creates Better Human Beings!

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