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12 Day Marine Conservation Program + Diving Certification

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Itinerary Highlights

12 Day Marine Conservation Program + Diving Certification
The Learning!

The first part of this truly amazing adventure will be obtaining your Diving Certification.  We recommend coming prepared with a Medical Certificate for Diving, although it may not be necessary – depending on the outcome of your self-assessment Student Diver Medical Declaration. 

You are about to start a journey into the underwater world of our planet in one of the most stunning Marine Biospheres in the world, so we suggest you rest up, maybe do some homework on the Great Barrier Reef before your departure and then settle into the learning process with our highly experienced, qualified and skilled dive instructors.

You will start with classroom sessions and pool work before learning to dive in the open sea. Cairns is a sublime coastal town, relaxed and welcoming with lots of entertainment and a beach vibe, so head out and explore the town in your free time!

The Doing!

It’s time to put into action all those incredible impulses you have to help save the planet. It starts right here as you transfer your pool-based education into reef-based diving.  Now is the time to make a meaningful difference as you assist the Conservation Program team leaders to carry out a series of tasks which will record, monitor and track local marine life. Make no mistake, the work here is important on both a local and global level. 

You’ll spend time out on the reef and when you are back on shore, there is work to be done both at a turtle sanctuary and learning about our war on plastic. We always follow up with action, so a beach clean-up is in your future, as is learning about sorting trash and upcycling it! 

Practical stuff
  • We strongly suggest you obtain a medical clearance to dive, issued in English before leaving your home country, as it may be needed. This is just simple preplanning to remove any potential barriers to having an awesome experience!
  • Before beginning your dive course, you must complete a self-assessment Student Diver Medical Declaration. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions on the form, your safety while diving could be affected. In this case, you must consult a medical practitioner (preferably with experience in diving medicine) to get a dive medical certificate that says you’re fit to do recreational diver training. If you already have a certificate from a doctor then you are already cleared.
  • Our hostel partner Gilligan’s offers all guests a complimentary one-way airport transfer from Cairns airport to the hostel between 8 am-8 pm. We will make a booking for you when you know your flights.

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