Turtle Conservation

An incredible turtle conservation project in one of the world’s most undiscovered locations

8-days recording active involvement in turtle protection in Papua New Guinea

Many species of sea turtles are so threatened that they are expected to be extinct by 2030. However, the local tribes of the Lissenung Islands are doing everything they can to arrest the decline of turtle populations in Papua New Guinea. Join us on an incredible unique U. Adventure working with these passionate locals to protect turtle nests from poachers and natural predators.

As a volunteer with the Lissenung Island Turtle Conservation team and supported by the Parley Foundation your primary job over the course of 8 amazing days is to explore the neighbouring Islands, seeking out new turtle tracks and relocating egg nests back to Lissenung Island for protection and care.

Feel the absolute satisfaction of a week’s work done well, on tropical beaches and warm waters as we endeavour to protect those who can’t defend themselves, and contribute to saving not only the tulles but the biosphere in which turtles dwell.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Paraphrased – Mahatma Gandhi


Did you know that:

  • For over 100 million years, turtles have been an integral contributor to maintaining health and balance in our oceans? They are scavengers who contribute significant biomass by eating and breaking down plant materials such as seagrasses and seaweeds, and converting them to proteins.
  • By living in the sea, but nesting on land, turtles ensure a balanced cross pollination of nutrients which feed important coral reef ecosystems, and transport unique nutrients from oceans back onto beaches and dunes.
  • The hatched eggshells provide much needed nutrients that nourish the growth of dune vegetation.
  • Increased dune vegetation from the nourishment provided by turtle egg shells and tracked nutrients stabilises dunes and assists in preventing coastal erosion
  • Diminished turtle populations (or extinction) significantly weaken beach ecosystems directly impacting humans ability to access fishing subsistence and water activities.
At a glance

From: $1,490

Day 1 - Port Moresby to Lissenung Island

Welcome to Port Moresby, the beautiful gateway to Papua New Guinea and beyond.

If you’ve spent some time in Port Moresby before you head out to the islands, we hope it’s been full of deep cultural connections and interesting sites. Today we depart Port Moresby and jump on a plane to Kavieng (we will book your short domestic flight – but not included in the price). Kavieng is the portal to the New Ireland Islands where we will head island hopping over the crystal turquoise oceans and then on to Lissenung Island which will be our base for this most epic and meaningful adventure.

Day 2 - 7 Saving the Turtles on Lissenung Island

Wake up to warm winds, gentle swells and uninterrupted sea views on this stunning island oasis. Today we find our feet slowly, allowing for a gentle adjustment into island life, before picking up the mantle of previous U.Adventures and carers, as we learn about what Turtle Conservation means, and what will be expected of us over the next 7 days.

Daily activities will include exploring the numerous neighbouring islands for new turtle nests, relocating these turtle nests to protected environments, assisting conversationalists in tagging turtles for tracking and recording, general maintenance around the island, beach clean-ups at local islands Ral and Edmago, coral surveys by snorkel, the recording of turtle hatchling data, and the immensely satisfying project of releasing newborn or recuperated turtles back into the ocean.

And when you’re not saving the turtles and their fragile ecosystem, there are local villages to explore, cultural exchanges to have with friendly welcoming locals, top-notch diving amongst colourful reefs to discover, and incredible surf breaks to experience and have fun on.

This is truly a unique travel and life experience meant to be shared. We encourage you to post about it, talk about it, and make little ripples of change into larger more powerful waves as you recount your life-changing travels and educate your friends, family and work colleagues about the challenges facing Green Turtles in the South Western Pacific.

Day - 8 Kavieng

Wishing the crew on the island a heartfelt ‘Gutbai Lukim yu bihain’, we depart Lissenung Island for Kavieng and back to the mainland.

Always included: 

  • Covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund in Denmark
  • 100% climate-neutral travel
  • Professional travel experts and local guides
  • We do all the planning for you
  • Personalized meetings before departure
  • 24/7 emergency telephone
  • Your own personal travel profile with program, add-ons, flight tickets etc.
  • Packing list and advice
  • Certification of participation
  • Advice and assistance with booking flights
  • Possibility of purchasing cancellation and travel insurance
  • All entrances and fees for experiences
  • All tour accommodation


Included on this trip: 

  • Accommodation in twin share bungalows
  • 3 meals a day at the bungalows
  • Water, tea and coffee
  • Airport transfers
  • Boat transfer when related to conservation and volunteering
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Volunteer fees
  • Turtle t-shirt and Certificate of Appreciation
  • Program coordination and assistance

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Your expected footprint on this trip: 0.34 tons of CO2

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Accommodation: 259kgs Approx. 7 nights at 37kgs per night Optional activities: 30kgs Approx. average (2 activities) Transport: 12kgs Approx. 50km at 24kgs per 100km Food & drinks: 6kgs Approx. 700g per day Boats: 0.5kgs Approx. 24km at 19g per km

Your local investment on this trip: PGK6,000

The average expected amount our U.Traveller’s spend that goes directly into the local economy.

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  • The only tour company carbon calculating and offsetting every part of your U.Trip, as part of your cost! From the flights, to all carbon costs associated with your accommodation, activities, meals and transport.  This means you are choosing to travel responsibly with a company dedicated to putting People + Planet first!  U. have simplified the decision making so you can focus on just choosing the best trip for your adventures!
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  • U. creates the opportunity for you to challenge your own understanding of the world with first hand experiences of local communities and the challenges facing them.
  • A team with over 100 years collective travel experience

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Would you like one of our U.Team to give you a call?

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We can help you!

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