SUP Twilight Tour

The Gold Coast might be all about flashy shops and nightlife to some, but in fact, there is just so much more to Surfers Paradise. A twilight stand-up paddle board is the hidden gem of “the GC” and perhaps the ultimate to do something different and see how beautiful the region is.

Your adventure starts with a short lesson to learn the basics and get you up and going. This tour is for the fit ’n’ healthy as after the mini-lesson is immediately out on the water to explore the beautiful waterways and mangrove areas of the Gold Coast. There is an abundance of birdlife in the mangroves around Macintosh Island, and hopefully, we might even spot some playing dolphins, a sea turtle, or even a cuttlefish.

Enjoy stunning sunsets paddling in a stunning location.

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Would you like one of our U.Team to give you a call?

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We can help you!

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