Our top 10 Things to do in Fiji

”Bula Vinakka! Hello, Welcome to Fiji!” you will hear these words everywhere you go in Fiji as genuine smiles greet you at every turn.

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji has become a popular vacation spot for those wanting to step away from the larger tourist destinations and explore sunny, relaxed white sand beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls with kind and generous locals! Here are our top 10 suggestions of things to do in Fiji that will complement your U.Trip

Kava Ceremony

In Fiji, the ceremonial ritual of drinking Kava represents a warm welcome from the locals to visitors as you enter their village. Often referred to as ‘Fiji Time’, sharing a Kava bowel is also a social event between friends and families. Regardless of the reason, however, this is about welcoming and sharing a part of Fijian life.

In all of our travels, on all of the continents of this world, this simple ceremony is one of our most enduring memories of love and laughter and community inclusion.

Normally, it is traditional to bring and present to your hosts, a little Kava root. As you are our guests on this U.Trip, we will have this already acquired for you.

Ladies, please wear a sarong and long shirt (or something similar) to cover your arms, shoulders and legs. This is an important mark of cultural respect. Men, you too should dress modestly and also cover up. It is completely acceptable for men to wear a sarong in Fiji, and in fact, you may just be the odd one out if you don’t!

The ceremony itself starts with the preparation of the Kava drink. As guests, we’ll take a position on the mat covered floor, in a semi-circle around the leader of the village. The Kava roots are pounded until they split then put inside a cloths sack and mixed with water. Kava Gold is what is called the liquid which is released, and after straining into the Kava bowl, it is ready to be drunk.

In more senior ceremonies, the eldest in our group would be offered the first cup, followed by the hosts’ chief and senior members, then men and then women.

After being presented with your drink, the correct procedure is to clap once and yell ‘bula’, drink your Kava in one tilt, clap three more times and then say Maca (pronounced maa-tha), as a means of confirming ‘that it has been drained’!

Raft the Upper Navua River

A beautiful way to enjoy a unique perspective of the stunning landscape in more central parts of Fiji is rafting the Upper Navua River through the Upper Navua Gorge. Our local U.Hosts will be your guides for the day as they navigate you amongst lush tropical rainforests, through rugged mountain canyons and past towering waterfalls.

The rapids are classed 2 & 3 beginners to intermediate and after a scenic drive to the start point, and a comprehensive safety check and education session, you’ll get to experience these spectacular views up close and personal.

Visit the Oho Caves - Home of the Headhunters

For an intensely personal discovery of Fiji’s past, we highly recommend a day trip to the village of Tao and a personal guide to their highly coveted Oho Caves.

The caves themselves are a memorising exploration into the history of the Navatua Tribe, known for their fierce fighting spirits and open cannibalism. As a sanctuary and spiritual location, the caves gave the people of Navatua a geographical tactical advantage in times of war, as their location game them sight lines down the valley with plenty of preemptive warning of an attack. Somewhat like the Tardis, the cave’s opening is well hidden and small, but once inside the caves are surprisingly light and spacious. The chief had a spot carved from a rock ledge where he would preside over the fates of captured prisoners and a central hearth became both the place of meted justice and where the deceased prisoners were cooked.

It’s an absolutely fascinating peek into not only a natural geographical mystery but through our guided tour with locals of the Tao Tribe, an educational experience worthy of sharing.

Go ziplining

Ziplining is always a wonderful way to see a unique perspective of the surrounding area. Fiji has an active eco-friendly ziplining community and there are a number of operators to choose from which offer a varying range of line lengths and experiences. Generally, all zippiness in Fiji are made from organic materials and attachments to trees are made in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly manner – for example, ropes and harnesses are used to fasten the platforms to the trunks of the trees rather than nails.

On your U.Trip we have an opportunity to zipline so make sure you speak to your U.Guide if this is one of the adventures you’d like to experience.

Jet boat safari

Sigatoka River on the island of Viti Levu has its source on Mt. Victoria’s west side. It is 120 kilometers long and flows to the coast between the central and western Ranges. Providing the main transportation route to the interior of the island, and connecting the numerous villages in commerce and communication, you are able to take an informative fun and exhilarating jet boat road with a knowledgeable local guide. The scenery is spectacular and the stories are awe-inspiring!

Visit a traditional Fijian village

On your U.Trip we have made sure that you have the opportunity to experience a local way of life.  We visit inland villages and are taught the traditional method of cooking by our local hosts.  Assist in the repair of traditional thatched roofs and learn to weave baskets and functional kitchen equipment. Village life is simple, community-driven and shared with smiles and laughter!

Visit a traditional salt factory

Gathering salt from tidal pools is hard work. A visit to a traditional salt factory will give you a first-hand view of just how demanding these tasks really are. Women walk out to wells located in the shallows of a tidal pool and climb down into the muddy water where they stop for a moment before reaching into the briny depths with their hands to pull up a bucket full of salty water from which they harvest salt. They carry this bucket, and many others, back to a very hot and humid hut where they boil it until it evaporates; all in order to produce this natural seasoning that has been crafted by hand for centuries now!

Island hop

Should you arrive before your U.Trip and want to explore the islands that are further afield or perhaps after your most awesome U. adventure, then speak to a member of our U.Crew. We can recommend routes and itineraries and help you book accommodation and ferry connections.

The archipelago of Fiji has over 300 islands and 540 islets scattered over 3,000,000 square kms. There are a number of ferry services but the largest and most well known is The Yasawa Flyer. With daily departures, this ferry service departs daily from Vitu Levu to the Yasawa Islands and it is possible to buy an island hopping pass.

Swim with Manta Rays

Scuba diving in Fiji is an amazing experience. With the incredible crystal clear waters and healthy coral reefs, scuba diving has always been one of the topmost activities here. Shark Reef Marine Reserve is among one of the most well-known places for having some of the best sightings of sharks worldwide. On the other hand, Sososomo Strait boasts for its soft corals, whereas Astrolabe Reef offers beautiful marine life like soft corals and various species of octopi as well as nudibranchs and clownfish amongst others without fail.

However, it’s between May and October that you’ll experience manta ray season which is an exceptional time indeed! There are many top-quality local diving companies with who we can connect you to help make sure your experience is memorable!

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

If you are looking for something a little offbeat to do in Fiji, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant is an especially lovely destination for outdoor enthusiasts as there are orchids and plants from around the Pacific to see. Botanists will love this garden filled with all sorts of tropical flowers. Take a winding trail through the forest canopy to spy on movie star Raymond Burr’s original collection of flowers.

The biggest mistake is to think that Fiji is just beach parties and snorkelling. Of course swimming amongst the turtles and multitude of coloured fish in the coral reefs is incredible – but Fiji has so much more to offer. From adventure activities to incredible local experiences with the most lovely people on the planet, make sure you allow enough time to make the most of your time in Fiji.

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