10 Must visit places in Australia

Incredible diversity of landscapes

Everyone loves Australia – the fun life-loving people, the bizarre wildlife, the beaches and surf, and the incredible diversity of the landscapes. Unfortunately, there is never going to be enough tome to take in all of Australia from the wild West Coast, to the buzzing East Coast, from the picturesque Great Ocean Road and further around to the remote Nullabor, through the large desert centre to the tropical dreamy lands of the Northern Territory. It is a very big country full of amazing very big landscapes.

Here is just ten of our favourites, but the list could easily be twenty or thirty.

Twelve Apostles

On the south coast between Melbourne and Adelaide lies the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road covers the Shipwreck Coast, Loch Ard Gorge, and Port Campbell National park. However, the jewel is the crown of this wonderful part of Australia is the 12 Apostles.

Standing like sentinels against the waves and winds coming up from the Southern Ocean are the breath-taking limestones rock towers knowns as the 12 Apostles. Eroded from the land by the weather one of the best times to view these wonderful formations is at sunset as the sun sinks behind them.

Bondi Beach

Australia’s most famous beach, the most popular lifeguards (they even have their own TV show) and a swimming pool in the middle of the water? We say welcome to Bondi Beach right in the heart of Australia’s biggest city – Sydney. It is not without reason that this is one of the most famous places in Australia!

However, there is usually a lot of people on both the beach and in Bondi Icebergs (swimming pool), so if you want to avoid the crowd, take the beautiful walk along the coast from Bondi to Bronte. Bronte also has the famous Bronte Baths, so you can both start and end your trip with a dip!

Rainbow Beach

Named after the stunning rainbow coloured rock formations in southern part of the beach, Rainbow Beach is the perfect base for an adventure trip. Try paddle boarding or kayaking out to see dolphins in Tin Can Bay, surf Australia’s longest break at Double Island Point, drive a 4WD on the beach of take a trip to the equally epic Fraser Island.

Fraser Island

The world’s largest sandy island with dingoes running freely, young great white sharks hanging off the coast, rough seas and strong rips, and deadly stinging jellyfish and blue bottles make this perhaps the world’s most dangerous beach. Fraser Island is not intended for high heels and patent leather shoes.

However, it is also an incredibly beautiful island with Lake Mackenzie, one of the most crystal clear lakes, you will ever see in the middle of the island perfect for swimming. Rubber tubing from the lake down Eli Creek is a favourite with backpacking visitors.

Fraser Island should be on every adventurers bucket list.

Great Barrier Reef

You’ve definitely heard the name before. Whether you are a diver or not the world’s largest coral reef will leave you want more of the enchanted underwater world. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the absolute must-see places on your Australian tour.

Most consider the areas from Fitzroy Island up by Cairns and north to be the most beautiful for colour, variety of sea-life and clarity of water. However also the reef surrounding Lady Elliot Island near Hervey Bay is also known for an incredibly long underwater visibility.

Coral are living specimens and severe heat stress in 2016 and 2017 bleached as much as 90% of the corals which failed to reproduce to anywhere near previous levels in 2018. These heat events were the 5th in the past 2 decades and put in to serious question whether the corals could survive another such event so close. Global warming has shorten the gap between such events making it also impossible for the corals to recover.


A turtle family on an excursion, whales and sharks fighting for food and fish in all the colours of the rainbow. Whitsundays is a maritime paradise of beaches and coral reefs ideal for boating, sailing, swimming and diving. An overnight sailing trip is the best way to explore the Whitsunday Island.

Visit Whitehaven beach on the main Whitsunday Island – often voted the best beach in the world. It 7km’s of pure white silica sand. On the islands there are many wonderful hikes to look outs

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Competing with the Sydney Opera House as Australia’s most recognised structure is the massive red rock in the middle of the desert called Uluru.

Sitting in the KataTjuta National Park is the giant rock is a staggering 350 meters in height and 3.6 km in width. Grab a water bottle well and go for the 10 km long walk around the massive cliffs, however, do not climb the rock – this is highly disrespectful to the traditional Aboriginal land-owners. Instead we encourage you to participate in an indigenous cultural exchange at Uluru including an Aboriginal Guided walk.

There are loads of accommodation options, but for a unique experience choose to sleep in a swag outside in the desert. The complete lack of light pollution makes for a night under an incredible starry night sky.

Blue Mountains

Mountain hikes, Australia’s most spectacular caves and the world’s steepest railway await you in the Blue Mountains a few hours outside of Sydney. They are a must-do day trip to escape the big city.

On your way to the UNESCO World Heritage Park stop at the Featherdale wildlife park to cuddle a Koala and hand feed a Kangaroo. Take a hike to see the iconic Three Sisters Rock formation with stunning views over the Jamison Valley. Descend the steep Furber Steps, a path cut into the side of the cliff, for the view back up the tri-rock formation. Do you then dare to ascend the stairs again or or do you take the world’s steepest railway?

Kakadu National Park

The largest national park in Australia, Kakadu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site and a must visit destination. They remote landscape is home to a rich array of wildlife and stunning rock formations. For the traditional Aboriginal land-owners Kakadu was and is still and land full or food and life support in what can be extremely hot environments.

Take any number of dream time tours from day trips from Darwin to multi-day stays to learn about Australia’s culture and history.

Cape Tribulation

Pictures do not do the northern tip of Queensland justice. The Daintree rainforest comes right down to the remote white sand beaches. Inside the rainforest there are pristine creeks to take a cool swim away from the tropical temperatures. A night walk in the forest and an early morning sunrise on the beach are highlights of a trip to Cape Tribulation.

Take the Ngadiku – Dreamtime Walk at Mossman Gorge with the traditional Aboriginal landowners.

If you have time take Bloomfield 4WD Track from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown. Cooktown is the last frontier between “the outback” and civilisation.

Ready to forget time and place?

In Australia, happiness is not found by seeing as much as possible at a high pace, it is found by seeing as much as possible at an Australian pace. You will quickly find your own rhythm, and no matter what pace you set, these places will make you forget all about time and place.

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