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Explore wild animals on the savannah with a Tanzania Safari and give back to the community, when we help out at a local school.

8 Countries & 15 Cities – 20 Days!

Traverse through the Swiss Alps, adventures in Interlaken, Zurich’s culture, off the beaten track in Vaduz, Bavaria and Austria’s charm, then journey north for a cultural feast through Vienna, Prague, Krakow’s emotional impact, and Warsaw’s delights. Finally, rock through Berlin’s nightlife before Amsterdam’s charm.


Hopping trains from medieval Amsterdam to Parisian allure, Italian flavours, Swiss Alpine wonders, and a cultural symphony across Bavaria, Austria, and Poland, ending with Berlin’s vibrant art scene and Amsterdam’s eclectic charm—a six-week train adventure across Europe’s best!


Feast on French delicacies, indulge in Italian flavours, conquer Swiss Alps, and revel in Bavarian charm, all in one epic 4-week European train adventure!


A train-hopping journey from medieval wonders to sun-soaked splendors, sampling local flavors and cultural delights along the way.


From Mozart to street art, medieval charm to modern beats, indulge in a symphony of experiences, historical wonders, culinary feasts, and electric nightlife on this whirlwind adventure through seven Northern European cities.


An Alpine adventure, from Milan’s pasta paradise to Switzerland’s majestic peaks, Zurich’s hip culture, Bavaria’s beer halls, and Austria’s historic charm—all wrapped in a whirlwind of cheese, breathtaking vistas, and adrenaline-fuelled escapades!


Start in Amsterdam, visit Bruges, Paris, Lyon, Avignon, Nice and Milan on this epic European train adventure.


Expect pasta and pizza showdowns, sipping chianti in the Tuscan hills, Roman architecture and stunning Lugarian coastlines. Get lost in Venice and walk the bridges of Verona!


Embrace a whirlwind of unforgettable moments and wild memories in the land down under as you encounter wildlife, discover ancient rainforests, and embrace your inner eco-warrior.

A treasure trove of unique East Coast experiences, with wine tasting, gourmet delights, encounters with iconic Aussie wildlife, laid-back vibes, thrills, and island-hopping.


An unforgettable NSW journey of breathtaking views and gourmet delights, from the mesmerizing Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley, a Koala Sanctuary, wild encounters with bottlenose dolphins, to the sandy shores of Port Stephens.


From surf lessons and sea-kayaking adventures to heartwarming encounters with friendly Aussies, snorkelling, scenic hikes, untamed wildlife, and beach parties, this trip showcases the very best of Australia’s travel hotspot .


Master your surfing skills in just three days then, explore Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, a Koala Sanctuary, and scenic landscapes on this beachy, quick Aussie escapade.


The incredible trip includes Surf Camp, amazing scenery, gourmet delights, and pristine beaches in NSW. Then its wildlife encounters, laid-back vibes, 4WD adventures, lush forests, vibrant coral reefs and the rich traditions of the First Nations people in Queensland.


Embark on a thrilling 15-day Vietnam adventure, where you’ll explore hidden wonders, engage with local culture, and create unforgettable memories in this captivating destination.

Experience the true essence of Southeast Asian culture on an unforgettable 28-day odyssey through the enchanting lands of Thailand and Vietnam.

Discover the essence of Thailand on an unforgettable backpacking journey. Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm-hearted people.

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world – but it is also one of the most beautiful. This volunteer U.Impact! specially crafted for U. takes involvement in the town of Moshi to another level.

New Zealand is on nearly everyone’s bucket list and what better way to experience the Kiwi super chilled out adventure lifestyle than by getting a job and living like a local. Sailing, mountain biking or surfing in the weekend, BBQs with friends in the evening and a cafe scene second to none anywhere in the world.

Arguably one of the best adventure tours in the world in definitely one of the most scenic. Sleep in a tent in the Himalayas, stay in a monastery and dine with the monks, learn to cook with local guests in a homestay, see incredible wildlife in Chitwan National Park and get close to the crazy Nepalese white water rafting and bungy jumping.

This is the most popular snorkelling spot in Zanzibar. Enjoy a lot of fun in the water with the others and explore the lives under water.

Learn to dive, become a certified diver and help to save the Great Barrier Reef, Australia! Be part of the solution and not the problem in one incredibly well-crafted volunteer based tour.

Take on the most meaningful job in the world, where your new bosses are elephants in Thailand, and your job is to humbly help them relearn what it means to be free and live the life meant for elephants.

Climb the world’s highest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro and reach the highest point in Africa with this 12 days trip

Help us save green turtles from your base on Lissenung Island in the beautiful New Ireland Provence of Papua New Guinea.  And have a whooping great adventure along the way!  

Explore wild animals on the savannah with a Tanzania Safari while also relaxing on the white sandbeach by the beautiful blue water at Zanzibar.

Cairns is rapidly becoming a hotspot for Australian micro-brewing. Why not spend your last afternoon in Cairns with a walking brewery tour?

Become a jackaroo/jillaroo. Everything you need including bank account, tax number, and training to get a job in rural Australia.

A twilight stand-up paddle board is the hidden gem of “the GC” and perhaps the ultimate to do something different and see how beautiful the region is.

Australia is arguably the surf-capital of the world, so why not set yourselves up for a brilliant time in Australia by learning to surf.

See why Sydney is one of the most liveable cities in the world as you ride through the beautiful parks, around the scenic harbour, and past all of the iconic Sydney sites.

Join us on a beautiful day out heading just two hours north over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Port Stephens and north coast region.

Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world to do your tandem skydive. Toss yourself and your instructor out of the plane from 15.000 ft above sea level.

The highly qualified local guides will talk about the Byron Bay marine park as you paddle. Keep on the lookout for sea turtles as they come up for a breath of air.

This day trip heads south from Sydney into the rolling countryside to skirt the mountainous Great Dividing Range to hit the stunning views of the South Coast.

An amazing way to see the World Heritage area of the incredible Blue Mountains without the normal crowds, as the evening sun dips into a glorious sunset.

Spend the full day exploring the world-renowned Blue Mountains, which is famous for its steep sandstone rock formations rising out of deep canyons.

Fortresses and beach bars, flamenco and sherry tasting, hilltop cities and ancient architecture – Southern Spain in 8 action-packed days

Explore the gastronomical delights, vibrant cities, stunning beaches and natural parks of Northern Spain – from the Basque Country to Barcelona and Madrid!

Immerse yourself in real South East Asian culture while on this one month odyssey through the hearts of incredible Thailand and Vietnam.

Almost the perfect adventure tour of bali and thailand, experiencing culture, beaches, volcanoes, rainforests, amazing food, and even more amazing people!

A journey through Croatia’s historic cities on a private cruise along the beautiful Adriatic Coast and a visit to the Plitvice National Park.

Sun, sand, surf, sunrises and sunsets – authentic Bali and the tropical Gili Islands

A culturally diverse island nation in a peaceful, tranquil & unspoilt biodiverse environment

Tokyo to Hiroshima – explore timeless temples, exotic shrines & vibrant cities

Rice paddies and floating markets, vibrant cities and spell binding emerald bays on this 12-day cultural immersion into Vietnam

A unique Pacific Island tour exploring the culture and eco diversity of this tropical island archipelago paradise.

Tropical beaches, lush rainforests, dense jungles, vibrant cities, spectacular cuisine and some of the most lovely people on the planet – this is Thailand!!!

4 extraordinary immersive weeks adventuring in some to the world’s most beautiful scenery in the North and the South Islands of New Zealand